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Vaginal Discharge - Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Leucorrhoea or known as vaginal discharge is a condition in which fluid comes out of the vagina or uterine wall. In general, vaginal discharge is a normal activity of the body in which the fluid comes out carrying dead cells and bacteria to prevent infection and other things that might interfere with the health of the reproductive organs.

Types of Vaginal Discharge

Although most vaginal discharge is normal and natural, there is some vaginal discharge that should be avoided because it can be a signal from the body to alert to a possible disturbance. As a result, vaginal discharge is classified into two types: (1) normal and (2) abnormal vaginal discharge. A more detailed explanation of the various types of vaginal discharge will be provided below.

  • Type of Normal Vaginal Discharge

Normal vaginal discharge is vaginal discharge that you don't need to worry about because it is a common condition experienced by every woman. Even so, every woman may have different vaginal discharge, ranging from the color, amount of the discharge, to the texture of the discharge. Hormones in the body play a role in the appearance of vaginal discharge, generally it will occur at least 6 months before the first menstruation finally appears.

  • Type of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is present as a signal for the body. Bacterial, parasitic or fungal infection is a common factor that causes a person to experience this type of vaginal discharge. Abnormal vaginal discharge is also divided into two types, namely, non-infectious infections and infectious infections. If it's like this, of course the only way is to consult with the nearest doctor.

Symptoms of Vaginal Discharge

Considering that vaginal discharge is divided into 2 types, the symptoms of the two vaginal discharges are also different. By knowing these symptoms, you can better understand when vaginal discharge appears and know what to do.

  • Symptoms of Normal Vaginal Discharge

As a form of the body's response to maintaining vaginal hygiene, of course the symptoms of normal vaginal discharge are not things that will interfere with daily activities. Here are some symptoms that may be experienced while having normal vaginal discharge:
  • White or colorless
  • The texture of the liquid can change
  • No smell
  • Can leave yellow spots on underwear 
  • Symptoms of Normal Vaginal Discharge

Unlike normal vaginal discharge, this type of vaginal discharge has symptoms that can interfere with daily activities. Although some are not too bothersome at all. The following symptoms may be experienced when abnormal vaginal discharge appears:
  • More amount of discharge
  • Has a different color, texture, and smell than normal vaginal discharge Bloody discharge
  • Discharge during menstruation
  • May be accompanied by pelvic pain, vaginal itching, feeling of pain when urinating, to feeling vaginal burning.

Vaginal Discharge Treatment

In fact, medical treatment is not needed for those of you who experience normal vaginal discharge. However, this may be needed when symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge appear. You can discuss it with your doctor for the correct course of action. However, here is a little general description of the treatment measures that your doctor might recommend:

  • Administering anti-fungal drugs to treat fungal infections which may be the cause of vaginal discharge;
  • Administering tinidazole or metronidazole drugs which can only be obtained with a doctor's prescription. Useful for treating leucorrhoea that appears due to parasites;
  • Antibiotic drug administration if abnormal vaginal discharge appears due to a bacterial infection;
  • Traditional vaginal discharge medicine that comes from certain herbs, but it would be better to consult a doctor; and/or
  • Surgical removal of the uterus may be recommended by the doctor if this abnormal vaginal discharge appears as a sign of uterine cancer.
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