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Kenapa Jangan Minum Oat Milk?

Why You Should Avoid Oat Milk

Cow's milk is a drink that is often consumed by everyone. However, under certain conditions, there are some people who may be allergic to cow's milk. The reasons are quite varied, such as having an allergy to lactose intolerance, or due to adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet. 

To replace cow's milk, they usually replace it with other types of milk, one of which is oat milk. 

What is Oat Milk? 

Oat milk is a type of plant-based milk. Oat milk is usually used to replace cow's milk. This type of milk itself has ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. 

When compared to cow's milk, oat milk has less protein content. However, this milk has a higher calorie, carbohydrate, and fiber content when compared to cow, almond, or soy milk. In fact, every 240 milliliters of oat milk contains 120 calories, 3 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat and 2 grams of fiber. 

Because of its good content, oat milk is often the choice. Apart from that, there are many other benefits of oat milk for the health of the body, as follows: 

  1. Lowers Cholesterol 
    Oat milk is a type of milk that contains fiber. The fiber contained in it is beta-glucan, where beta-glucan is a soluble fiber that is beneficial for heart health.

    In this case, beta-glucan has a gel-like form that exists in the intestine. After that, this beta-glucan will bind to cholesterol and reduce its absorption in the body. This makes cholesterol levels in the blood decrease. 
  1. Source of B Vitamins
    Oat milk contains various vitamins, one of which is vitamin B. B vitamins contained in oat milk, such as riboflavin and vitamin B12.

    These B vitamins can help reduce stress, thereby improving the health of hair, nails and skin. 
  1. Good For Bone Health
    In addition to B vitamins, oat milk also contains vitamin D. As we know, vitamin D can help strengthen bones. Not only that, vitamin D is also good for helping the absorption of calcium from the digestive tract. 

When Should You Avoid Drinking Oat Milk? 

Behind the benefits contained in oat milk, there are several conditions that are not recommended for consumption. For those who have a history of celiac, it is recommended to be careful in consuming oat milk. Celiac itself is an autoimmune disease, where the symptoms appear as a result of consuming foods or drinks that contain gluten. 

Based on the report Nutritional Advantages of Oats Opportunities for Its Processing as Value Added Foods as a Review from Food Science Technology, states that the normal level of gluten in safe oat milk is 20 ppm (mg/kg). So you can avoid oat milk which has gluten levels above that. 

In addition, avoid consuming oat milk which contains added sugar. Oat milk that has flavors, such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and others. It would be better if you consume oat milk without sugar. Pure oat milk actually has a sweet taste, so in this case you don't need to add sugar or flavorings. 

You also need to know that the oat milk that is often sold contains rapeseed oil (such as the famous brand "Oatly"). Rapeseed oil is an oil that has a high erucic acid content. Some studies say that the oil can be toxic and have negative effects if consumed too much. 

For those of you who are planning to go on a keto diet, it's a good idea to choose another type of milk. You can consume almond milk or cow's milk. 

After knowing about the advantages and disadvantages of oat milk, it is hoped that you will be wise in choosing. Get to know your body's needs. That way you can provide proper nutrition for body health. 

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