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3 Dangerous Substances in Sanitary Napkins That You Must Avoid

You know do you think some of the ingredients in sanitary napkins can harm the health of your intimate organs? It doesn't just irritate you, you know! So, this article will discuss in detail the dangerous ingredients commonly found in sanitary napkins. Curious? Come on, see in full!

Hazardous Substances in Dressings

Sanitary napkins are a woman's best friend when experiencing menstruation, postpartum, or other conditions that cause bleeding from the vagina. Despite their important function, several types of sanitary napkins contain ingredients that you should be wary of.

Although the basic ingredients of sanitary napkins are generally made from cotton, but some are added with other ingredients which are feared to be harmful to the health of the intimate area. Here are some dangerous ingredients that you should be aware of in sanitary napkins.

1. Chlorine Gas

Chlorine gas is often used in the bleaching process, including in making sanitary napkins. However, its use has sparked controversy because it has the potential to produce dioxin, a carcinogenic substance that can cause cancer.

Responding to public concerns, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkes) has conducted research and stated that the chlorine levels in sanitary napkins on the market are still within safe limits.

However, it is important for women to be observant in choosing sanitary napkins. Pay attention to sanitary napkin materials and choose ones that are free of chlorine and other dangerous ingredients. This is to minimize the risk of irritation, allergies and other health problems.

2. Dioxin

The clean white color of sanitary napkins really gives a hygienic and reassuring impression. However, did you know that behind the whiteness of these sanitary napkins, there is a dangerous substance, namely dioxin.

Dioxin is a chemical used to whiten sanitary napkins and make them look clean. Unfortunately, dioxin has side effects that are dangerous to health, especially for the female reproductive organs.

In a research shows that dioxin exposure can increase the risk of uterine cancer. Apart from that, dioxin can also disrupt hormonal balance and increase bacterial growth, which can cause irritation and infection in the feminine area.

Using sanitary napkins containing dioxin for a long time, even just two hours, can increase these health risks. Therefore, it is important for women to be more careful in choosing sanitary napkins and consider safer alternatives, such as organic sanitary napkins that do not contain dioxin.

3. Pesticides

Even though it is rarely listed on sanitary napkin product packaging, this chemical can be dangerous to health. Among the effects of exposure to pesticides can trigger allergic reactions such as itching, redness, pain and swelling in the feminine area.

Safe and Comfortable Sanitary Napkins for Women

Finding sanitary napkins that are safe and comfortable is important for women. There are two main options that you can consider using, including:

  • Organic Sanitary Pads

Organic sanitary napkins are made from natural ingredients, free of pesticides and dangerous chemicals. This choice is safer and friendlier in your feminine area. If you are interested, now Nona Woman products are available in various leading marketplace platforms, such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Blibli, and many more. Or you can also find it at Nona Woman Official Shop. Enjoy special offers and free gifts for a more comfortable and safer menstrual experience.

  • Sanitary Napkins

Looking for an eco-friendly and economical menstruation solution? Nona Woman cloth pads could be the right choice. Made from washable and reusable fabric, these pads offer a healthier and more sustainable menstrual alternative to disposable pads.

Although some women feel that cloth sanitary napkins are not ideal for heavy menstruation, Nona Woman comes with a variety of absorbency options to answer your needs. No need to worry, Nona Woman continues to provide comfort and safety during the menstrual period.

Therefore, it is important to choose sanitary napkins wisely. Make sure you read the label and find out the ingredients contained in the sanitary napkin. If in doubt, choose sanitary napkins made from natural ingredients like Nona Woman.

Nona Woman is made from 100% organic cotton, free of perfume and fragrance, and does not contain chlorine and dioxin. Nona Woman is safe and comfortable to use, so you can experience menstruation more calmly.

If you are still unsure or have allergies, consult a doctor to get the best advice about the type of sanitary napkin that is right for you.


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