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5 Types of Evening Exercises That Can Promote Weight Loss

After a busy day from morning to night, maybe you don't have time to exercise. However, there's no need to worry! Apparently, there is still an opportunity to exercise at night before going to bed. Moreover, the type of exercise one does is light, so it won't make us too tired and have trouble sleeping. By doing the right activities at night, including exercising, we can be more effective in losing weight. For those of you who want to lose weight, let's do these five sports before going to bed from now on!

Types of Night Exercise To Lose Weight

There are a number of benefits that we can get by exercising at night, such as providing peace of mind, improving sleep quality, and even helping in losing weight. Interested in trying it? The following are some types of night sports that you can do.

  • Walk
    Walking provides many positive benefits for overall health. Compared to other types of exercise, walking is a physical activity that is easy to do and does not require complicated preparations. Not only that, walking also plays a role in keeping your weight under control, boosting your immune system, and reducing levels of anxiety and depression. In fact, doing a leisurely walking routine at night can also help improve sleep patterns and increase the quality of restful sleep.

  • Yoga
    For those of you who don't have enough time to exercise in the morning, taking time to do yoga at night is a good choice. This activity can help overcome fatigue after a busy day. Not only that, yoga at night also has the benefit of calming the mind and body before going to bed, so that it can speed up the arrival of deep sleepiness.

    Even though yoga is not considered a specific exercise for weight loss, this practice can still burn a significant number of calories so that it can support the weight loss process.

  • Squat 
    Squats are a very useful type of strength training for weight loss. This is because this sport is able to increase muscle mass effectively. The more muscle mass you have, the faster our body's metabolism processes, so that burning calories becomes more efficient.

    In addition, doing squats also has other benefits, namely increasing muscle mass in the lower body. To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to do at least 3 sets of squats with 15 repetitions every day.

  • Pilates
    Pilates is a very effective exercise in helping you lose weight. While not as intense as running for burning calories, the movements in Pilates can be fun, especially for beginners.

    Not only beneficial for losing weight, pilates also provides a number of other benefits. This exercise can improve strength, balance, endurance, and overall fitness level. In fact, doing pilates before bed can help relieve anxiety and reduce stress.

    To get the most benefit from pilates, it is recommended to do it for 30 minutes every day. You can do this exercise regularly at home or take Pilates classes.

  • Plank
    Planks are very effective for properly tightening our abdominal muscles, because our body weight will be balanced with the abdominal muscles. So, how do you do a plank? Take it easy, the method is very simple. First, take a position like you're about to do a push-up with your arms forming a 90 degree angle, and resting on your elbows. Then, lift the whole body so that our body and legs are parallel straight. Of course it will look more amazing if we can hold this position for 1-2 minutes. The most important thing in doing a plank is to keep our body and legs perfectly straight.

Of the various sports options available, you can start by trying the simplest. However, it is important to make it a routine activity to achieve optimal results. If needed, take an exercise class to be even more motivated.


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