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Types of Menstrual Pads

Women occasionally experience discomfort when starting menstruation as it can cause a bad mood and disrupt physical health issues. Some of them experience pain, headaches, and cramps. Additionally, some of the pads do not perform to their full potential, which will eventually lead to a leak.

It is essential for women to understand the type of menstrual pads that best suit their requirements, because the pads need to be adjusted based on their requirement for maximum function and comfort.

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Types of Menstrual Pads

Menstrual pads come in a variety of styles, the most common of which are disposable pads. Menstrual pads for women are actually broken down into a number of categories.

Type of Women's Menstrual Pads Based on Shape

Menstrual pads appear to have several different shapes, but they have the same function to accommodate blood during menstruation. These types of menstrual pads include: 

  1. Disposable Menstrual Pads
    This kind of menstrual pad is widely available in stores and is already widely used. This kind of sanitary napkin also comes in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and features.

    The outside of the pad sticks to the inside of your underwear in such a way that it cannot easily come loose from your underwear.

  2. Tampon
    Most women in Indonesia have never used these pads. A tampon’s form resembles an extended cylindrical shape with a thread that can draw blood from the uterus.

    To use a tampon, the tampon is inserted into the vaginal opening and can be removed by simply pulling the thread. It may occasionally irritate the vaginal hole due to its close proximity, so it should be replaced on a regular basis.

  3. Menstrual Cup
    It is also uncommon in Indonesia to use a menstrual cup, possibly because it might seem a little frightening to some. A menstrual cup is inserted into the vagina and has the shape of a funnel or сuр.

    A menstrual cup must first be folded before being slowly inserted. From that perspective, care must be taken when using it. Depending on how much blood comes out, the efficacy can last for 6 to 12 hours. Since a menstrual cup is made from a medically-grade substance, inserting it into the vagina is safe. It should be noted that menstrual cups are reusable.

  4. Cloth Pads
    Additionally, a lot of menstrual pads are made from cloth.. In terms of shape, it is almost identical to a disposable menstrual pad, except the material is cotton. Cloth pads are made with the intention of being reusable and therefore environmentally friendly.

    Even though it is well known, using cloth pads is still uncommon because doing so makes some feel uncomfortable and unhygienic.

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Type of Women's Menstrual Pads Based on Function

Currently, there are sanitary pads that are designed for specific purposes. These pads typically concentrate on disposable sanitary pads. As a result, the store offers a variety of menstrual pad types, including the following:

  1. Regular Menstrual Pads
    This standard type of pad is disposable and has a standard size. Regular menstrual pads are moderately absorbent and are used by the majority of women during their period. Try Nona Woman Menstrual Pads, which is organic and highly-absorbent.

  2. Overnight Pads 
    Overnight pads are designed for use while sleeping. Since overnight pads cannot provide much control while sleeping, these pads are designed to be thicker and lighter in size to provide comfort while sleeping.

  3. Pantуlіnеr 
    A pantyliner is a menstrual pad that is small and thin in size. Pantyliners are typically used at the end of the day when there is no bleeding, as well as for vaginal discharge.

  4. Postpartum Pads
    Women who have just given birth require a special pad to accommodate the bleeding from their womb (uterus). This type of bleeding will start soon after a baby is born.

There are also other types of menstrual pads, such as "wing" and "non-wing" pads. Wing pads are equipped with a security feature that prevents leaks when there is a lot of activity because the pads’ “wings” fold over the bottom of your underwear.

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