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Ovulation phase -

Ovulation Phase - What to do (Cycle Syncing series pt 2/4)

The menstrual cycle is a monthly process that will be experienced by all women. At each menstrual cycle, the ovaries will release an egg, and then the egg will develop. This process of release is known as ovulation.

At the same time the uterine wall will thicken, and this indicates that the uterus is ready to prepare for pregnancy. However, if the released egg is not fertilized, the lining will shed and come out through the vagina. This condition is known as menstruation.

As we know, there are 4 menstrual cycles, namely the menstrual phase, follicular, ovulation, and luteal. This article will discuss more deeply about the ovulation phase.

What is the Ovulation Phase?

Ovulation is the process of releasing an ovum in the form of a secondary oocyte or large cell from the ovary. In short, ovulation is the process by which the ovary releases a mature egg. The mature egg then moves from the fallopian tube to the uterus to be ready to be fertilized by sperm.

This ovulation phase occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle. If you get a menstrual period for 28 days, then this ovulation phase occurs on the 14th day, starting from the first day of menstruation. In this phase of ovulation, the vagina will secrete a fluid like mucus from the cervix.

The ovulation phase is the only phase in the menstrual cycle that allows a woman to get pregnant.

Symptoms During Ovulation Phase

During the ovulation phase, women usually experience thick, sticky vaginal discharge that is egg white in color. In addition, the basal body temperature also increases.

Basal body temperature is the lowest temperature that can be achieved during sleep or rest conditions. Our own body has a normal temperature between 35.5 to 36 ° celsius. Meanwhile, during the ovulation phase, body temperature will rise to between 37 to 38 ° celsius.

Of course, the symptoms or signs that occur in every woman are different. However, in addition to the symptoms mentioned above, there are several symptoms or signs of ovulation itself, namely:

  • Vaginal Discharge
    Vaginal discharge is uterine mucus which can indicate that you are in your fertile period. Generally after menstruation, the mucus will increase slowly and even the texture will change. Before ovulation, the texture of the mucus will change to a liquid, so sperm will more easily enter the fallopian tube to get to the egg. This is the most fertile period for you. Read more on Characteristics of Normal Vaginal Discharge
  • Passion Increase
    In this phase of ovulation, women feel excessive desire to have sex. In addition, at this time you will look more attractive and without you knowing it your body will also emit a fragrant aroma.
  • Stomach Pain
    In addition to the two characteristics above, pain in the abdomen is also a feature of the ovulation phase. This condition occurs in some women, they claim to feel pain in the lower abdomen (ovaries). The pain is sometimes also felt in the back.

The Phase to Increase Pregnancy Chances

This ovulation phase is the fertile phase for women. In this phase, try to have sexual intercourse every two to three days. In this way quality sperm will be in the right place at any time. By having sex frequently, you will have a great chance of getting pregnant.

Generally, couples who are in their fertile period will have a 20 to 25 percent chance of getting pregnant. Thus, if you have sex for two to three days, it will take three to six months to get pregnant.

Those are some explanations about the ovulation phase. By knowing the correct ovulation phase, you can plan your pregnancy properly.

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