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Durasi menstruasi

How Many Days Is Menstruation?

Menstruation is a normal bodily condition that many women experience every month. Every woman has her own menstrual cycle, which may differ slightly. You can, however, keep track of which menstrual cycles are normal and which are not.  Abnormal menstrual cycles may be a signal from the body to alert you to potential problems that require immediate attention.

Normal menstruation generally occurs within 23 to 35 days and lasts 3-7 days with a blood volume of 30-70mL. The amount of blood that comes out varies from woman to woman, but the first and second days of the cycle usually have the most bleeding volume. It is most likely that menstruation will last more if the blood that comes out is even more.

Understanding a woman's menstrual cycle, including the number of days of menstruation, is one way to detect her reproductive health.

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How to Calculate Menstrual Cycles

Many women are unaware of how to calculate their own menstrual cycles. This is important to understand so that you can be more aware of any irregularities that may occur. The steps for calculating a normal menstrual cycle are as follows:

  • Record the first day of menstruation in the previous month;
  • Record the first day of menstruation in that month;
  • Calculate the distance of days between the previous month and this month (for example, in May menstruation is on the 25th and in June it falls on the 20th then the days are 26 days apart, which means that is your menstrual cycle); and
  • It is a good idea to record each menstrual cycle for at least the last 6 months.

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Causes of Abnormal Menstrual Cycles

There are several factors that might cause you to experience an abnormal menstrual cycle. The factors range from simple things that are easy to overcome to quite complex, including:

  • Unhealthy or irregular eating patterns
  • Infrequent exercise
  • Stress
  • Use of birth control pills
  • Being overweight
  • Use of blood thinners
  • Age entering menopause 
  • Thyroid disease
  • Pelvic inflammation
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis

Overcoming Cycles Abnormal Menstruation

If you have irregular menstrual cycles that have been going on for months, you should consult your doctor. That way, you can figure out what steps to take to overcome the disorder. However, if you do not find this cycle too bothersome or want to try to overcome it first, you can try some of the methods listed below.

  • Exercise regularly for 30 minutes a day
  • Manage your stress level through activities like meditation
  • Eat nutritious foods
  • Sleep for around 8 hours each night

This method can be used not only when your menstrual cycle is abnormal, but also to maintain an already normal cycle. Making it a habit will undoubtedly be more profitable, even if there are no such complaints.

However, it should be emphasized that if the steps outlined above do not result in the menstrual cycle returning to normal, or if the symptoms worsen and interfere with your activities, you should consult a doctor right away. Your doctor can assist you in determining the cause of this menstrual disorder and in dealing with it.

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