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Can Organizing Improve Your Quality of Life? Science Says YES!

Did you know that the human brain processes about 70,000 thoughts each day? That’s an  average of almost 3,000 thoughts per hour!  

Aside from the obvious, like how organizing allows you to save and maximize your space at  home. Here are shocking benefits of organizing that you can implement to improve your quality  of life: 

    A study in University of Southern California measures a married couple’s cortisol levels.  Research indicates that women who have cluttered home start and end their day with  stress.

    The takeaway from this finding is in order to have a more balanced and happy hormones,  we should start creating the habit of organizing. As we organize our home and our lives  better, we’ll be able to lower our cortisol level - because a disorganized home has been  proven to increase our cortisol levels and would be harmful to our health in the long run  should it continue and progresses.  
    According to Mayo Clinic, insomnia has been linked to hoarding. When you have a lot of  stuff and your home is disorganized, you tend to procrastinate more and are not being the  most efficient with your time. 

    Once you start the habit of creating an organized home, you will be more productive with  your time, which in return will allow you to plan your days better. When this starts to  happen, you will have less anxiety before bed, which will allow you to sleep better and  increase your quality of sleep overall.  
    According to a clinical psychologist in Atlanta, "Having a messy or cluttered environment  can leave your brain feeling that your overall life is messy or disorganized, which can  increase feelings of depression and anxiety”.

    Instead of feeling overwhelmed with a messy home, it’s in your best interest to implement  an organizing habit because you will be able to improve your mental wellbeing and your  quality of life in general.  
    Some studies have even shown that there’s an association between how much clutter you  have and excess weight. When your kitchen is messy, cluttered and disorganized, you are  more likely to choose unhealthy food over healthier options.

    In order to maintain a sustainable healthy lifestyle, you need to create an organized kitchen  and pantry in your home. By doing so, you will feel like you’re in control of your life and  more likely to make healthier choices for the food you consume on the daily.  
    With everything that’s going on in our lives, it always feels like there’s never enough time in  the world to get things done. We’re here to convince you that there’s a way to have more  control over your life by starting an organizing habit in your life.  

As you build the life you want and create the best version of yourself, start small by  organizing the spaces in your home one area at a time. HAPPY ORGANIZING :) 

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