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Dampak Tidak Mengeluarkan Sperma Terlalu Lama untuk Kesehatan Pria

The Impact of Not Ejaculating for Too Long on Men's Health

After going through the puberty phase, a man gains the ability to ejaculate, namely releasing sperm cells and seminal fluid from his genital organs. This incident generally occurs when a man feels sexual stimulation, whether during sexual activity or masturbation. The question arises, are there any consequences if a man does not ejaculate for a long period of time? Let's explore the answer in more detail below.

Ejaculation Process in Men

Climax The series of events that release sperm cells and seminal fluid from the male reproductive system is known as ejaculation. This process is divided into two stages. The first stage, or emission, involves the transfer of sperm from its storage site (the epididymis) to the hollow tube that passes through the penis, carrying together the sperm and urine through the urethra.

When a man experiences stimulation or a stimulus that triggers an erection, pre-ejaculatory fluid will be released. Generally, this fluid does not contain sperm. Next, the second stage of ejaculation occurs when semen containing sperm moves through the urethra and is released from the tip of the penis.

The process of ejaculation in men is assisted by testosterone, a hormone produced by the testicles or testicles. This organ produces millions of sperm every day as part of the reproductive process.

Ejaculation and its Impact on Men's Health

Basically, delaying ejaculation for a long period of time is not known to be detrimental to men's health. According to some sources, there are claims that the risk of prostate cancer is higher in men who rarely or never ejaculate. However, it should be noted that this relationship is not entirely caused by ejaculation frequency itself. Some cases of prostate cancer also occur in men who ejaculate frequently. Therefore, the link between these two factors has only been partially revealed through epidemiological data, and there is not yet a complete understanding of the underlying mechanisms.

Therefore, for those who are not married, there is no need to worry. There is no need to ejaculate regularly to maintain health. Better, direct your sexual energy into other positive activities and try to maintain health through a healthy diet and lifestyle. On the other hand, for those who are married, you can channel your sexual needs with your life partner.

Regular Ejaculation Cannot Prevent Prostate Cancer

Ejaculating regularly is not always an effective preventive measure against prostate cancer. The majority of prostate cancer is a type of malignancy called adenocarcinoma, originating from cells that produce a fluid resembling mucus.

BSome people who have prostate cancer may not show symptoms at first. However, when the cancer has grown or spread, sufferers can experience a number of complaints, including:

  • Disturbances in the urination process, such as slow or weak urine output.
  • The habit of urinating frequently at night (nocturia).
  • The presence of blood in the urine.
  • Erectile dysfunction problems.
  • Pain that is localized to the hips, back, and other bony areas. These symptoms generally appear after the cancer has spread or spread to other parts of the body.
  • Weakness in the legs and feet, which can be caused by the spread of the tumor pressing on the spinal cord.

So the question is, aIs it true that men who ejaculate regularly can reduce their chances of developing prostate cancer?

According to one study, men who ejaculate frequently appear to have a lower risk of prostate cancer. This study builds on previous investigations that concluded that men who ejaculate 21 or more times per month may have a lower risk of prostate cancer compared with those who only ejaculate 4 to 7 times per month. However, it should be remembered that the results of this study cannot be considered a definitive reference. In fact, several other studies provide different statements.

Therefore, there is no need to worry if you do not ejaculate for a long time. So far, there is no scientific confirmation that shows that the absence of ejaculation for a certain period of time can have a negative impact on men's health.


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