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The Impact of Depression & Stress on Women's Reproduction

There are several things that can spur women to become depressed, and of course you also have to know the impact if a woman experiences depression too often or even experiences prolonged depression. For many women, it's just a matter of not thinking too much about problems for too long. Because depression will not solve the problem. Precisely the opposite, will give a lot of bad effects both for your mental or physical health.

Depression is the body's reaction to everyday events that occur in life. When experiencing depression, there are those who can manage it until it becomes a new motivation to self-correct and become better. However, if you are unable to manage the existing pressure, the effects will actually have a negative impact on your condition.

However, is it true that depression that is not handled properly is at risk of causing fertility problems in women? In women, ongoing depression can lead to menstrual problems. This also triggers fertility problems in women. Of course there is nothing wrong with knowing the ways that can be done to deal with fertility problems due to depression. Come on, read the following explanation!

Impact of Depression

Here are various effects of depression in women that you need to pay attention to, one of which is:

  • Menstrual Transition Becomes Irregular 
    Heavy mind loads apparently also affect the menstrual cycle. When you are in a state of depression, the part of the brain that regulates menstrual transition hormones, namely the hypothalamus, will be disturbed. Hormonal imbalance can make menstruation irregular.

  • More Chronic PMS
    PMS (premenstrual syndrome) are a collection of signs and complaints that women feel approaching menstruation. In some women, these signs can be felt until the menstrual period is over. PMS signs can take the form of headaches, sore breasts, mood swings, trouble sleeping, digestive upset, or shifts in sexual appetite. These signs can be felt more and more when women experience depression.

    In addition to the 2 factors mentioned above, it turns out that depression can also interfere with the female reproductive system. Of course if this happens, it will make it more difficult for you to experience pregnancy.

Why Can Stress Trigger the Female Reproductive System?

Depression is the body's reaction to circumstances that result in emotional changes. If not handled properly, this condition can adversely affect health. Not only digestive or heart health is affected, but it can affect a woman's fertility. Depression can affect the role of one of the glands in the brain known as hypothalamus. This gland plays a role in controlling one's appetite and emotions.

Besides that, the hypothalamus affects the hormone that signals the ovary to release an egg. When you experience depression, hypothalamus causes the body to experience ovulation problems. This is what causes women with high levels of depression to have a harder time getting pregnant.

Not only that, in general, a woman who feels depressed will rarely have intercourse with a partner, thus adding to the difficulty of getting pregnant. In addition, if a woman who is depressed does not adopt a healthy lifestyle, they think that consuming things like alcohol and smoking can relieve their depression. This of course can affect female fertility.

Tips to Reduce Depression Naturally

An excessive feeling of depression definitely has an effect on the body and can reduce fertility rates, especially in women. If you want to plan a pregnancy program then you have to handle depression well. Here's how to deal with depression naturally that can help increase fertility.

  • Yoga 
    Yoga is one of the exercises that can help treat depression. Yoga is a sport that can make the body and mind more relaxed so it is good for reducing levels of depressive hormones that can affect fertility.

  • Meditation
    Meditation is one of the steps that can help deal with depression. Generally meditation is prioritized to focus attention on breathing. According to the results of the study, reducing the content of depression with meditation can overcome various problems of anxiety, anxiety, and high emotions.

  • Sleep
    One way to reduce depression is adequate sleep. Generally sleep time for adults is 7-9 hours. Experiencing sleep deprivation can cause the body to become weak and trigger depression hormones in the body. This is definitely not good for fertility.

  • Sport
    Besides increasing stamina in the body, exercise can help to deal with depression. Exercise can release endorphins in the body, which are natural hormones that make you feel better. In addition to dealing with depression, exercise is good for increasing fertility and providing a greater chance of getting pregnant faster.


Even though depression is commonplace, depression should be managed properly so that physical and psychological health is always maintained. Dealing with depression can be done by venting to a partner or close friend, light exercise or meditation, and doing hobbies or things that make you happy. If you still feel depressed even though you have actually taken various steps, immediately consult a psychiatrist so that you can get an accurate solution.


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