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Menstrual Leave for Female Workers

In essence, women have a certain uniqueness that is not owned by men either physically, psychologically, or biologically. Women have a cycle of the reproductive system that they experience once a month, namely menstruation.

During the menstrual period, the average woman experiences a 10% decrease in her patience and work endurance capacity. Menstruation, which occurs especially in women who have abnormal cycles, is often accompanied by pain which causes a woman to be unable to do her job. By looking at such conditions, as a woman you don't need to be afraid and worried about applying for leave, because this has been regulated in the law.

Leave is a right given by the company to its workers. One type of leave that is rarely discussed is menstrual leave. Under certain conditions, menstruation leave is not widely known, let alone utilized by women workers. So, what is menstrual leave? Why is menstrual leave so important? How do I file it and is there a legal basis? So, to find out, see the full review below.

What Is Menstrual Leave and Why Is It Important?

Menstrual leave or menstrual leave is a right that every female worker gets if she is menstruating. Several countries have regulated this issue, including Indonesia. The allowance for menstrual leave in Indonesia itself is 2 days per month, as stipulated in the law.

Then why is menstruation leave so important? During the first or second day of menstruation, there is a syndrome that is generally experienced by some women. This syndrome is known in the medical world as dysmenorrhea, where the syndrome is the onset of pain in the abdomen that appears before or during menstruation. There are some women who experience mild pain, but some others experience pain that is so severe that it interferes with their activities.

In some cases, there are also women who can experience headaches and migraines during menstruation. In fact, there are also some women whose periods are accompanied by severe symptoms, so a doctor's examination or action is needed. Because this can reduce one's work productivity.

That is why, women have the right to take leave if they experience this. In addition, it is not only to protect the rights of women who experience this syndrome, but the company can be more productive because one of its sick employees is furloughed. Unfortunately, many female employees do not take this leave, even though they may really need it.

Sometimes women who take menstrual leave are seen as weak, because they cannot bear the pain. In fact, menstruation leave is not a sign of weakness, but something that is very normal for women. And the pain experienced by women workers is not a made-up choice, but it is a fact.

Menstrual Leave Rules for Female Employees

The right to menstrual leave is regulated in Article 81 paragraph (1) of Law Number 13 of 2003 which stipulates that "Women workers/laborers who feel sick during their menstruation period and inform their superiors are not obliged to work on the first and second day of menstruation".

As well as the Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia Number 78 of 2015 concerning wages regulated in Article 24 Paragraph (3) letter b which regulates "Women workers/labor who are sick on the first and second day of their menstrual period so they cannot do their work;". The principles contained in the constitutional provisions above are closely related to efforts to protect women workers.

So, now that you know the information about menstruation leave, don't hesitate to submit it if you need it. Because to apply for menstrual leave, your rights are already protected by law. So, don't worry about the negative stigma that women who take menstrual leave are weak. Because pain during menstruation is a very common thing.


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