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Characteristics of a Woman's Fertile Period

If you are planning a pregnancy, it is important for you to know how to calculate the fertile period after menstruation. So that it can increase the possibility of pregnancy and estimate when the right time to have intercourse. Therefore, you must know how to calculate the fertile period after menstruation so you don't miss it. 

The thing to remember is that the fertile period experienced by women only ranges from 28-36 hours. So this is called the peak of the fertile period or ovulation, which is when the egg is released into the ovary and is ready to be fertilized. Besides helping the pregnancy process, knowing the fertile period can prevent 'conceding' or unplanned re-pregnancy.

So how do you know when women are fertile? And what are the signs like? Read the full details below!

Fertile Period in Women 

Fertile period is the span of time that you can use to get pregnant quickly. The most common thing that happens is that a woman's fertile period begins when the menstrual transition or menstruation is over. Taken from Your Fertility, the fertile window is the day the egg is released from the ovary or commonly known as ovulation. 

Therefore, you need to know how to calculate the fertile period. Generally, women with a normal menstrual transition, namely 28 days, experience fertile periods between the 10th and 17th days after the start of the last menstrual day.

The most important thing is to know when your fertile period is. A woman's most fertile period is the five days before and during ovulation (release of the egg). Therefore, it is recommended to have sexual intercourse 2 days before ovulation so that you get pregnant quickly. 

Characteristics of a Woman's Fertile Period

To recognize when you are in your fertile period, pay attention to these signs or characteristics that usually occur. 

  • The fertile period test kit shows positive results
    One of the signs or characteristics of the fertile period is that the test kit that you use to calculate the fertile period shows positive results. This is the right time to have intimate relationships with your partner to have children. However, if you have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), the results of the fertility test kit tend to be less efficient.

  • Cervical mucus like egg whites
    A sign or other characteristics that may be present when you are in your fertile period is the quality of cervical mucus. Cervical mucus is the liquid that comes out of the cervix near the ovulation period and is commonly called vaginal discharge. Generally, the characteristics of vaginal discharge during the fertile period are that they have the same structure and color as egg whites.

  • Increase in sex drive
    Surely you know that at certain times the desire for sex, which was mediocre at first, has increased quite a bit. Yes, sex appetite that is higher than usual can be a sign or characteristic of the fertile period. 

    Although it may not be an exact sign, this greater desire for sex is a natural sign of your body. That is, a woman's sex appetite will increase closer to ovulation. In fact, women will look more attractive at that time. 

  • Changes in basal body temperature
    Changes in basal body temperature can be a sign or characteristic that you can see when you enter your fertile period. Basal body temperature is body temperature at rest or sleep. Generally, the basal body temperature is between 35.5-36.6° Celsius. During ovulation, the level of the hormone progesterone in the body increases. High levels of the hormone progesterone cause your body temperature to rise.

  • Changes in the condition of the cervix
    The cervix will experience a transition when you go through the menstrual transition. This transition is one of the signs or characteristics of the fertile period that you are experiencing. Why? Because just before ovulation takes place, your cervix will be of a different status, so it will be higher. This will make it difficult for you to reach it.

  • Breast pain
    Pain in the breast can be a sign or some other characteristic if you are in your fertile period. This situation is generally due to the hormonal shift that occurs during ovulation.

  • Ovulation pain
    Have you ever heard of ovulation pain or “mittelschmerz”? This pain is generally followed by feeling a very strong pain like being stabbed in the lower part of your stomach. Generally, the signs or characteristics of this fertile period exist without any reason and suddenly. This is the last sign or characteristic that can be detected when entering fertile time.


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