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Cegah Infeksi Jamur pada Organ  Intim Kamu Dengan Sabun Intim Organik Nona Woman

Prevent Fungal Infections in Intimate Areas with Nona Woman's Organic Intimate Wash

Fungal infections in the intimate area often affect women. Naturally, a woman's body has a type of yeast called candida. When the growth of this yeast is balanced in the body, it does not cause problems. However, an imbalance of yeast in a woman's body can cause rapid growth. This makes women more susceptible to infections in the vaginal area.

A woman who experiences this infection will usually feel a burning and itching sensation. This condition is known as candidiasis vulvovaginal or vaginal candidiasis. One way to prevent this infection is to use Nona Woman's Organic Intimate Wash. Come on, find more information about how to use Nona Woman’s Organic Intimate Wash in the following article.

Recognize the Symptoms of Fungal Infections in Intimate Areas

Fungal infections in women's intimate areas often show a number of symptoms, especially in the vulva or external vagina. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Very annoying itching sensation around the vagina, especially on the vulva.
  • Pain occurs when urinating or during sex with a partner.
  • There is swelling and redness of the vaginal lips.
  • There is a lumpy vaginal discharge, resembling the texture of crushed cheese, but not accompanied by a fishy odor.

Every woman who experiences a fungal infection in the intimate area can show different symptoms. There are some women who only experience one symptom and it is not very severe, while others may experience more severe symptoms. In severe conditions, vaginal yeast infections can cause sores on the skin around the vagina.

How to Prevent Fungal Infections

To avoid fungal infections in the vaginal area, there are several preventative steps that you can easily apply, including:

  • Choose underwear that can absorb sweat well, such as cotton clothing.
  • Avoid wearing pants or underwear that are too tight to reduce moisture.
  • Use tampons or pads wisely and avoid using them for long periods of time.
  • Clean the vagina properly, namely by washing from the vaginal lips to the anus using clean water, and make sure to dry it.
  • Always avoid unprotected sex or frequently changing partners.

Apart from the actions above, you can also maintain the cleanliness of your intimate area by choosing feminine cleansing soap made from natural ingredients, such as Nona Woman's Organic Intimate Wash.

This organic intimate wash is formulated without using dangerous chemicals that have the potential to cause itching and irritation around the feminine area. Apart from that, Nona Woman's Organic Intimate Wash also does not contain ingredients that can disrupt the hormonal balance of female organs, in fact this organic intimate wash can maintain the pH level to remain balanced. 

How to Use Nona Woman's Organic Intimate Wash

Nona Woman's Organic Intimate Wash is easy for you to use. Here are the steps:

  • When bathing, make sure your body is wet.
  • Pour a sufficient amount of Nona Woman's Organic Intimate Wash into the palm of your hand.
  • Gently rub soap into the feminine area from front to back.
  • After that, rinse your intimate areas evenly with clean water and make sure there is no more soap left.

So that's it! That’s how you treat fungal infections in intimate areas with intimate wash. Using medication can be an effective solution, but you need to pay attention to following the doctor's instructions. Therefore, to prevent fungal infections, you should take preventive steps from an early age, such as using Nona Woman's Organic Intimate Wash. This special cleaning product for the feminine area, specially formulated for sensitive skin using natural ingredients, provides a sensation of freshness, cleans and keeps the feminine area fresh without unpleasant odors. 


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