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Cara Mudah Melancarkan Haid dengan Pijatan Sendiri

Smoothen your Menstrual Cycle with Self-Massage

Have you ever felt anxious when your period didn't come? Stomach bloating and discomfort begin to bother you. You may have tried various methods, from taking vitamins to changing your lifestyle.

However, did you know that massage can help facilitate menstruation? Yes, massage at certain points can relax the body and smooth the menstrual cycle. Are you curious about how to massage to get your period faster? Come on, look at the steps below!

Technique Massage for a Smooth Menstrual Cycle

Irregular menstrual cycles can be a problem for some women. There are several ways to overcome this, one of which is massage. Massage can help improve blood flow to the uterus and relieve menstrual cramps.

1. Lower Abdominal Massage

The lower abdomen feeling full and cramping during menstruation is indeed uncomfortable. But, did you know that gentle massage in this area can help facilitate menstruation?

Gentle massage can increase blood flow to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. This helps trigger the menstrual cycle and relieves inflammation. The pressure from massage can also help remove fluid that has accumulated in the uterus.

Here's an easy way to massage the lower abdomen to facilitate menstruation:

  1. Lie down supine on a comfortable surface.
  2. Place the fingers above the lower abdomen, just below the navel.
  3. Use circular motions with gentle pressure, clockwise.
  4. Massage for a few minutes, until the lower abdomen feels more relaxed.

This massage can be done several times a day, especially when menstruation feels uncomfortable. Do it gently and pay attention to your body's response. If you feel pain, stop the massage and consult a doctor.

2. Massage your Hands with Circular Movements

On both sides of the wrist, there are reflex points connected to the uterus and ovaries. These points are located in the area that connects the fingers to the arm.

Do a circular massage on the area with sufficient pressure. Do this for 2 minutes on each wrist. Repeat several times for maximum results.

Hand reflexology massage can help improve blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, thereby helping speed up menstruation. In addition, this massage can also help relieve stress and increase relaxation, which can help facilitate menstruation.

3. Massage Soles of Feet with Circular Movements

Apart from the methods above, you can also try foot reflexology massage. The area between the ankles and soles of the feet is believed to be connected to the uterus. This massage technique follows the principles of acupuncture and although it has not been clinically proven, many practitioners believe that foot reflexology can help speed up menstruation.

It's easy, just massage the soles of your feet in circular movements for 2-3 minutes, several times a day. Do it with comfortable pressure and feel the relaxing sensation. Foot reflexology massage not only helps facilitate menstruation, but can also relieve stress and improve sleep quality.

Benefits of Massage During Menstruation

Massage is not only useful for relaxing yourself, but also has many benefits for women's health, especially during menstruation. Here are some amazing benefits of massage for menstruation.

  • Relieves low back pain. Massage helps relax tense muscles in the waist area, so the pain is reduced.
  • Overcoming stress. Before or during menstruation, it is not uncommon for women to experience stress. Massage can have a relaxing effect, relieve tension and anxiety.
  • Facilitates menstruation.Massage helps improve blood flow to the uterine area, so that menstruation runs more smoothly.
  • Reduces soreness.Aches in the body during menstruation can be overcome with massage.
  • Refreshing body.Massage helps the body feel more relaxed and refreshed, so the effects are felt even mentally.
  • Improve sleep quality. Massage can help you sleep more soundly and with better quality.
  • Increases concentration.With a more relaxed body and calm mind, concentration increases.

Massage therapy can be a natural solution to relieve PMS symptoms and help improve mood by encouraging the release of endorphins, which provide a feeling of happiness and relaxation.

For maximum results, you can use Nona Woman essential oil. This essential oil is specially formulated to help relieve PMS symptoms, such as headaches, bloating, and mood swings.


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