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Cara Merawat Vagina Ketika Menstruasi

Taking Care of Your Vagina During Menstruation

When experiencing menstrual periods, most women feel discomfort in the vaginal area. Not only because of the volume of blood that comes out, but also often itchy and unpleasant odors appear during menstruation. Do not underestimate these symptoms, because they could be a sign of unwanted bacterial growth in the vagina. Therefore, it is very important to provide proper care to the female area during menstruation to maintain good health. Want to know how to take care of it properly? Check out the following tips.

How to Maintain Cleanliness of your Vagina During Menstruation

Cleanliness of the intimate area is an important aspect for health and comfort, especially during menstruation. Even though the vagina has a natural mechanism for maintaining its pH, pay attention to overall cleanliness. Here is a guide to caring for vaginal health during menstruation:

1. Diligently Clean the Intimate Area

During menstruation, be diligent in cleaning the female area with clean water. The use of special soap needs to be considered, to make sure the soap has a balanced pH and contains lactic acid which is suitable for maintaining vaginal flora. This will help maintain balance and cleanliness.

2. Clean with Special Soap

Choose soap specifically designed to care for your vagina’s health. Make sure this soap is gentle and has an appropriate pH. Containing Vitamin B5 and lotus, this soap not only cleans, but also keeps skin healthy and fresh. If you are still looking for a soap, you can try Nona Woman’s organic intimate soap, which has been carefully crafted for your intimate area.

3. Change Pads Regularly

Change pads regularly, at least every 3-4 hours, even if the amount of menstrual fluid is small. Using pads for a long time can cause excess moisture, which can lead to irritation and growth of bacteria. By changing pads regularly, you can prevent this problem.

4. Change Underwear Regularly

Always use clean underwear and change it regularly. Choose a material that doesn't hold moisture, such as cotton. Also make sure there are no urine or sweat stains on your underwear. Avoid pants made of nylon, which can trigger the growth of bacteria.

5. Consume and Avoid Certain Foods

Food choices can affect health during menstruation. Eat fruits, vegetables, and proteins like chicken, tofu, and fish. Avoid consuming excessive sugar, coffee, alcohol, and spicy foods which can worsen symptoms. Maintaining a balanced diet can help maintain comfort during menstruation.

6. Shave Pubic Hair

Keeping pubic hair short can be done by shaving or waxing. Be sure to do it carefully, especially during menstruation. Fluctuating hormones during your period can make you more sensitive to pain. If you want to shave, do it a few days before your period starts.

Ensure that your vagina stays in optimal condition during your period by following a few simple maintenance steps. Keeping your intimate area clean and healthy during your period is very important. Always remember to clean it regularly using clean water and special soap that is gentle and has a balanced pH.


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