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Merawat Vagina

Caring for Vagina After Giving Birth

After the delivery process is complete and the baby is born safely, it doesn't mean you can underestimate what happens to the body you have. Especially for those of you who give birth normally, of course you will experience various changes in the body. One of them is feeling the change in the vagina after giving birth, because the initially narrow size has to widen to get the baby out.

Even though it is elastic and can expand, that doesn't mean the vagina can return to its normal state quickly without treatment. During delivery, the doctor may tear the perineum to get the baby out. That is why some mothers will complain about changes and discomfort in the vagina and some of them may complain because they feel pain, discomfort, swelling, dryness, or looser.

Even though it can go away on its own, changes in the vagina can sometimes disturb your routine. Therefore, to help you, in the following, we will inform you about how to take care of your vagina after giving birth.

Vagina Changes & How to Treat After Childbirth

Here are some changes in the vagina after giving birth and some ways you can do to handle them: 

  • Vagina Feels Sore
    Pain is generally caused by stitches rubbing against other objects. It can also arise due to accidentally peeling stitches. To overcome this condition, you can apply cold compresses to the vaginal area. The trick, wrap the ice cubes with a cloth, then stick it to the vaginal area for 15-20 minutes. Besides that, use cushions when sitting. 

  • Vagina Feels Dry 
    After giving birth, levels of the hormone estrogen will decrease, so this has an impact on decreasing vaginal fluid production and makes the vagina feel dry. So that a dry vagina causes discomfort in sex. Either you or your partner will feel pain during sex because of a dry vagina.

    To deal with vaginal dryness, drink enough water so that the body does not lack fluids, extend foreplay before intercourse, use water-based vaginal lubricating products during intercourse, and apply special moisturizers for the vagina. 

  • Vaginal Opening Becomes Looser
    A vagina that feels looser is generally caused by the relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles due to the birthing process. This is what then arises insecurity and having sex becomes less harmonious. To help tighten the muscles in the pelvic floor, you can do Kegel exercises.

    The steps for doing Kegel exercises are like trying to hold back urination. At the beginning of the exercise, do slow muscle tightening for 10 seconds. Repeat about 3-4 times in each set of exercises. Kegel exercises can be done about 3 times a day.

  • Stitches in the Vaginal Area or Episiotomy
    If you get stitches during delivery, treat the stitches so that they are still clean and dry to reduce the risk of infection in the vaginal area.

    The trick, take a shower at least 1 time a day to help keep the stitches clean, and change the pads regularly and clean your hands before and after changing them. Also, leave the seams exposed to air so they don't get damp. Wear underwear with cotton and loose material so that the seam wound can dry faster. 

  • Pain in Stitches
    Apart from pain in the vagina, you can also feel pain in stitches. To handle it, do the following methods: 
    • Compress with cold water on the seam area for about 30 minutes. And repeat every next hour.
    • Always carry a bottle of warm water mixed with antiseptic. This liquid can be used for final rinsing after urinating or defecating. The way you mix antiseptic liquid with warm water and use a towel or cloth to wipe the vaginal area. This step can reduce the pain of stitches and keep them clean. 
    • If the stitches still hurt when sitting, you can use additional soft cushions, such as pillows and so on. 
    • Do not push too hard during bowel movements. So that you avoid constipation or difficulty having bowel movements, consume foods that contain fiber and of course drink enough water. 
    • In addition, do kegel exercises regularly to increase blood flow to the suture site and speed up the healing process. If the pain gets worse, take painkillers, such as paracetamol. However, ask your doctor first before consuming it.

Those are the ways you can keep your vagina in good shape even after giving birth. With proper care, the vagina will return to its previous state as it was before giving birth. 

However, without treatment, you will experience ongoing vaginal problems and the possibility of causing big problems in the future. Always discuss with your doctor about how you feel after giving birth so that any conditions can be handled properly.


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