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How to Calculate the Ideal Body Weight

Each person has a different body size and makes it unique. However, of course, having an ideal body weight is the dream of many people. It's not a matter of not liking our body shape, having an ideal body weight refers more to a healthy body condition. The problem is that being overweight or obese has a bad effect on the health of the body. 

Likewise with such a light body weight. Because it is not good for your health. In other words, having an ideal body weight is not a matter of following superficial beauty standards. But, having an ideal body weight is the realization of efforts to have a healthy body. So, people who have a healthy body can do activities and be more creative.

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Steps to Calculate Ideal Body Weight with BMI Calculator 

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a step to calculate ideal body weight based on height and body weight. Unlike previous calculations that compared measures of women and men, BMI is differentiated by age. The BMI calculator, which is one of the features through the Halodoc application, can be used by a person who is 20 years old or older. For those under 20 years of age, there is another step to calculate it. By using a BMI calculator, it will be found whether a person enters the ideal body weight group or maybe not. However, BMI can lead to misunderstandings for sportsmen or athletes. Body weight comes from muscle mass, so athletes can be said to be overweight, although they are not. 

Before trying the BMI calculator, it's best to know some info related to this calculation: 

  • Normal BMI numbers are on average 18.5-25. 
  • If your BMI is over 25, you are overweight. 
  • And, if your BMI is below 18, it means you are underweight. 
  • If the BMI number has passed the number 40, it should be implemented as soon as possible because this number shows a sign of danger. 

Steps to calculate it: 

Ideal body weight = Body weight (kg) : Height (m) 

So for example, if your weight is 47 kg and your height is 1.63 meters, your BMI value is 47:(1.63)= 17.8. That means, your weight is below average.


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