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Cara Mengatasi Kulit Iritasi Akibat Pembalut

How to Avoid Skin Irritation When Using Pads

During menstruation, some women are more comfortable using pads than other tools, such as tampons or menstrual cups. However, a side effect that often occurs when using pads is irritation in the vaginal area. Of course this is quite disturbing, because it causes itching in the vaginal area. 

There are several things that cause skin irritation when using pads, such as friction between the skin and rough pads, skin inflammation due to certain substances, to moist conditions in the vaginal area. 

As we know that during menstruation, the female area will be more moist and sensitive than usual. Therefore, these areas are more prone to irritation during menstruation. Usually there will be redness and itching in the vaginal area. 

Can Pads Really Cause Irritation? 

Vaginal irritation is caused by several factors, one of which is the use of improper pads. Usually pads that have a rough surface will cause friction with intimate organs which can cause irritation to injuries. 

There are several other factors that cause vaginal irritation when using pads, including: 

  1. Pad Allergy 
    The first factor is an allergy to pads. As we know that pads are made of mixed substances. In this case there are some women who have sensitive skin and cannot accept these substances. This condition in the medical world is called contact dermatitis. 
  1. Friction Between Vaginal Area and Pads 
    During menstruation, friction between the vaginal area and pads is unavoidable. Especially for women who have quite busy activities and demand them to stay active. From this friction will cause irritation in the vaginal area. 
  1. Moist Vaginal Area 
    The vagina is an area that is quite sensitive, and during menstruation the area will be more humid than usual. In this condition it can trigger the temperature in the vaginal area to rise compared to usual. This hot and humid environment makes it easier for irritation to occur. 
  1. Rarely Change Sanitary Pads 
    This last factor may often be done by some women. Ideally pads should be changed at least every 3 to 4 hours. If you don't change your pads, friction and damp conditions will increase the risk of irritation.

Tips for Treating Irritated Skin Due to Sanitary Pads 

When your skin becomes irritated because of pads, you don't need to worry, because irritation can be treated by treating the female area. There are some tips you can do to deal with irritation due to using pads during menstruation: 

  1. Antiseptic Ointment 
    The first tip is that you can use an antiseptic ointment to treat irritation from pads. You can use a corticosteroid ointment once a day to treat inflamed skin.

    When using it, make sure you have read the terms of use properly and correctly. Stop using it if you feel an unwanted reaction. 
  1. Changing Sanitary Pads Routinely 
    As previously explained, pads must be changed 3 to 4 times a day. It aims to prevent bacteria from growing quickly. 
  1. Warm Water Compress 
    The third tip is to compress with warm water. Warm water compresses will help relieve irritation from using pads.

    The method is quite easy. You can use a soft cloth or towel. Then dip it in warm water (not too hot). Then rub it on the irritated area. 
  1. Cold Water Compress 
    Apart from warm water, you can also compress with cold water. Cold water compresses can help relieve itching which can cause redness and irritation. 
  1. Avoid Wearing Tight Pants 
    During menstruation avoid wearing tight pants. The use of tight pants will make the vagina more moist and sweaty easily, because the vagina cannot breathe and get air. 
  1. Keeping the Vagina Dry 
    The vagina is an area that is easily moist. Especially during menstruation you need to keep it dry. You can use a tissue after urinating or defecating. 

Irritation caused by using pads is actually a natural thing and often occurs. However, even so you should not take it lightly. Because the vaginal area is an area that must be maintained properly. 

If you feel irritation that feels worse and doesn't go away, go immediately and consult a doctor. 


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