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3 Cara Memeriksa Kehamilan

3 Ways to Check Pregnancy

During pregnancy checks, the doctor or midwife will carry out a series of tests and measurements to ensure the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus that is being conceived. Some of the things that will be checked include blood pressure, weight, and urine tests to look for infection.

In addition, the doctor or midwife will carry out a physical examination, such as measuring the size of the abdomen and listening to the fetal heart rate with a stethoscope or doppler fetal monitor. At certain stages of pregnancy, an ultrasound may be needed to check the development of the fetus and determine the sex of the baby.

Routine prenatal checks help ensure that the pregnancy goes well and avoid health problems that can harm pregnant women and the fetus they are carrying. Therefore, if you want to find out more about how to easily and accurately check your pregnancy, check out the following review!

How to Check Pregnancy

When pregnant women carry out pregnancy checks, the doctor will carry out a series of actions which include consultations and measuring body weight and vital signs. Vital signs measured include blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and body temperature.

In addition, the doctor will also carry out a physical and gynecological examination, which may include Leopold's examination. Leopold's examination is an examination to determine the position and location of the fetus in the uterus. Furthermore, the doctor may also carry out several supporting examinations such as:

  • Blood Test
    A complete blood count is a type of blood test that is commonly performed by doctors to check the health of pregnant women and their fetuses. This test aims to detect possible abnormalities or problems that could be experienced by the pregnant woman or fetus, such as anemia, infection, or problems with blood clotting.

    This test involves examining various components in the blood, including a complete blood count, hemoglobin level, and blood glucose level. A complete blood count is one of the best ways to ensure that pregnant women and their fetus are healthy during pregnancy.

  • Antenatal Urine Test
    Examination of urine in pregnant women aims to find out whether there are certain health problems in pregnancy. This examination is carried out by taking a pregnant urine sample. The results of a urine test can help detect conditions such as preeclampsia, urinary tract infections, or diabetes in pregnant women. Therefore, urine tests in pregnant women are very important as an effort to prevent and early detect health conditions that can affect the health of pregnant women and their fetuses.

  • Ultrasonography (USG)
    In order for the health of pregnant women and the fetus to be maintained, it is important to do an ultrasound examination. During pregnancy, a minimum of 3 ultrasound examinations are carried out at the right time.

    In the first trimester, an ultrasound examination is carried out when the gestational age is around 10-14 weeks to determine the gestational age and whether the gestational sac has been formed. In addition, an ultrasound examination in the first trimester is also useful for checking the possibility of a pregnancy outside the uterus or ectopic.

    In the second trimester, an ultrasound examination can be done at 18-20 weeks of gestation to find out the number of fetuses, whether there are twins, the position of the placenta, the sex of the fetus, and the overall development of the fetus.

    While in the third trimester, an ultrasound examination is performed at 28-42 weeks of gestation to ascertain the position of the fetus, amniotic fluid, the location of the placenta, growth, and estimated fetal weight.

Check Pregnancy Through an Application on a Smartphone

Checking your pregnancy using an application on your mobile phone can help you plan to get pregnant or undergo pregnancy, such as Friends of the Pregnant Woman, Hallobumil, ovulation & fertility tracker, and many more. However, choosing the right application is very important because not all applications have the same accuracy.

Although not as accurate as a test pack, this method can help predict pregnancy quickly. It is recommended to choose a good and reputable app for more accurate and reliable results.

However, accurate results can only be obtained through a pregnancy test in the laboratory or a medical examination by an obstetrician or midwife. It is important to take appropriate action immediately if the app indicates a possible pregnancy in order to initiate the necessary treatment.

In order for the health of pregnant women and their fetuses to be monitored, it is advisable to undergo regular prenatal checks and adhere to a predetermined schedule. Apart from that, it is also important to adopt a healthy lifestyle such as consuming nutritious food, taking prenatal supplements according to doctor's recommendations, maintaining adequate water intake, doing light physical activity regularly, and getting enough rest so that the health of the pregnant woman is maintained until delivery. arrive.


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