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How to Swim During Menstruation Using Sanitary Pads

Do you want to swim while you're on your period, but are worried? If possible, it is more convenient to swim using a tampon or menstrual cup. But if you only have a pad, you can still swim using one. If you are in doubt, you can also sit around the pool or dip your feet in the water without getting your swimsuit wet.

Myths About Swimming During Menstruation

Many women often hear myths about swimming during menstruation. However, in fact, the assumption that swimming can worsen or stop menstruation is wrong. Women can still do various types of exercise during menstruation, including swimming.

If there are no signs or symptoms related to other factors, swimming will not immediately stop menstruation; however, menstrual volume may decrease.

Of course, there are legitimate concerns about swimming while on your period, such as the risk of blood from pads or leaks that could contaminate the pool. This risk may arise if the pad is damaged due to repeated entry into the pool.

Some people also think that swimming can make menstrual cramps worse, but so far there is no evidence to show this. In fact, exercise can actually relieve menstrual cramps.

Tips for Safe Swimming During Menstruation Using Sanitary Pads

To be more comfortable when swimming during menstruation, there are several tips you can try to ensure the safety and comfort of using sanitary napkins. Here's how:

1. Alternatives Considered

Use alternatives to pads when swimming. Pads, which are designed to absorb fluids, can absorb pool water. If possible, consider using a tampon or menstrual cup as a more effective alternative.

2. Use Swim Shorts

Wearing swim shorts can help disguise the pad and, if dark material, can help hide possible leaks.

3. Use Menstruation-Specific Swimwear

Special menstrual swimsuits are specially designed to prevent menstrual blood from leaking and contaminating the pool water. This can be a good option to increase your confidence when swimming during your period.

4. Shower and Wash Your Hair After Swimming

Swimming pools are often difficult to ensure cleanliness because they are used by many people. After swimming, it is important to immediately shower and wash your hair using clean, running water. This helps maintain body hygiene and prevents possible infections due to exposure to unclean pool water. Bathing and washing your hair during menstruation is not prohibited and is actually recommended to maintain body hygiene.

ThatIt's an easy and relatively safe way to swim while menstruating without worrying about leaking. Even if you use sanitary napkins, swimming during menstruation is still permitted. Make sure to follow the tips above to maintain your comfort while swimming.


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