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Cara Ampuh Menghadapi Pasangan PMS

Effective Ways to Support a PMSing Partner

Premenstrual syndrome or PMS is a common experience for most women of childbearing age. Every month, many women face emotional challenges such as irritability, anxiety, and mood swings. For some people, PMS can have a significant emotional impact.

For couples, dealing with a woman who is experiencing PMS can be a confusing situation. Sometimes it's hard to know how best to respond without risking making the situation even more complicated. To help overcome this discomfort, here are six tips for dealing with a partner who is experiencing PMS.

How to Support a PMSing Partner

For men who have partners who are experiencing PMS, there is no need to worry. The following are ways to deal with your partner in this condition:

1. Stay Calm

Show concern for his feelings. Remember that this condition is only temporary, and within a few days, your partner will return to normal. When there are endless fights, remember that he is letting it all out because you are an important part of his life, and he feels comfortable with you. Use your patience during this monthly period, try to get better whenever possible. Here's how to deal with monthly emotional fluctuations.

2. Show Attention

When you realize that your partner is experiencing PMS or menstruation, pay more attention to him. He tends to be calmer with your attention.

3. Avoid Sensitive Topics

Try not to talk about things that could change his mood drastically. Have light and fun conversations with him. If a sensitive topic must be discussed, find a suitable time, for example when he is resting. Avoid discussing the topic when he is busy, because it could trigger anger. Apart from that, choose your words wisely, avoid shouting or touching his feelings.

4. Don't Blame Menstruation

While you may be right about the sudden and extreme mood swings associated with her period, avoid voicing it openly. Be more sensitive.

Menstruation is a biological process that influences her behavior. Blaming his behavior on changes in his body will only make the situation worse and make him feel unappreciated. This can be interpreted as an insult to him as a human being.

Women know very well what happens to their bodies. Therefore, avoid giving advice about his condition and behavior unless you have adequate medical knowledge. If he starts explaining in detail about what's going on inside his body, avoid the topic completely.

5. Stay Accompanied

Even though your partner may be difficult to understand, that doesn't mean you have to stay away from him. Stay by his side and be ready to help when he needs support. Remember that this PMS syndrome is only temporary.

6. Give Love and Appreciation

If your partner is at work or far away, tell him how wonderful, sweet and special he is. Actions like these can bring unspeakable happiness. Always pay attention to the sensitivity level; if he is irritable or quick-tempered, praise him wisely. Help him with small tasks, surprise him, or give him a light massage before you both leave for work.

Of course, the situation when women are experiencing PMS and menstruation can be quite challenging. However, it's not just you who should try to understand it. Couples can also take certain steps to reduce the impact of PMS on your relationship.


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