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Berikut Perbedaan Pembalut Organik vs Pembalut Normal

Differences between Organic and Non-organic Sanitary Pads

Amidst the wide selection of menstrual products, organic sanitary pads now present as an alternative that is claimed to be more environmentally friendly and healthy. But, is it true that organic sanitary pads are superior to normal sanitary pads? Let's explore the differences in this article!

Organic Sanitary Pads vs Normal Sanitary Pads

Before concluding which one is better, we should first explain the differences between each sanitary napkin.

1. Materials Used

Ordinary sanitary napkins are generally made from rayon, cotton and up to 90% plastic. The whitening process also uses chemicals that have the potential to cause irritation and allergies for some people.

On the other hand, organic sanitary napkins using natural materials such as recycled paper pulp, organic cotton, organic bamboo, banana tree shoots, or organic rayon from eucalyptus trees. Free from harmful chemicals, organic sanitary napkins are safer and friendlier to sensitive skin.

2. Effect on Skin

In contrast to ordinary sanitary napkins which can cause irritation and allergies, organic sanitary napkins are presented as a friendlier solution for the sensitive skin of the feminine area.

Ordinary sanitary napkins, which contain plastic and chemicals such as chlorine, have the potential to cause rashes, itching and discomfort on the skin. This is especially the case with long-term use and damp conditions. For individuals with allergies, these chemicals can trigger more severe allergic reactions, such as swelling and pain.

On the other hand, organic sanitary napkins are made from natural ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals. This makes it an ideal choice to avoid irritation and infection, as well as providing a feeling of comfort and safety for the user.

For women with sensitive skin, organic sanitary napkins are like an oasis in the desert. The natural ingredients it uses are able to provide softness and prevent allergies, so that menstruation can be experienced more calmly and worry-free.

Long Term Benefits of Using Organic Pads

Organic pads offer more than just menstrual protection. Its long-term use provides various positive benefits, both for women's health and environmental sustainability.

1. Maintain Health of Women's Intimate Organs

Unlike ordinary sanitary napkins which contain dangerous chemicals and bleach, organic sanitary napkins are made from natural cotton which is safe for sensitive skin. This minimizes the risk of irritation, allergies and infections in women's intimate organs.

2. Increase Daily Comfort

The soft and breathable organic cotton material in organic sanitary napkins provides a comfortable sensation when worn, even during heavy physical activity. Users don't need to worry about the damp and hot feeling that often occurs with ordinary sanitary napkins. This comfort is also felt when sleeping at night, with a reduced risk of leakage.

3. Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable

Organic sanitary napkins are made from natural materials that are easily biodegradable, so they do not pollute the environment. This makes it a more environmentally friendly option compared to regular sanitary napkins made from plastic and synthetic materials that take a long time to break down.

By using organic sanitary napkins, women can experience long-term benefits for their health and comfort, as well as contributing to environmental sustainability.

Tips for Choosing Safe and Comfortable Organic Sanitary Napkins

Choosing safe and comfortable organic sanitary napkins can be complicated for beginners, considering the many choices and lack of knowledge about good and bad ingredients. Here are some tips that can help:

1. Check Production Permit and SNI label

The first step is to ensure the product has a production permit and SNI label. This indicates that the product has met the quality and safety standards set by the government.

2. Check Organic Ingredient Label

Look for labels that state that the pads are made from organic materials, such as 100% organic cotton. Organic ingredients are safer for sensitive skin and avoid dangerous chemicals.

3. Fragrance-Free

Organic sanitary napkins generally have no odor because they do not use artificial fragrances. This fragrance can trigger irritation and allergies in sensitive areas.

4. Check the Packaging

Make sure the product is still neatly sealed and there are no stains on the packaging. This is to ensure that the product is maintained clean and of good quality.

Ordinary sanitary napkins generally contain chemicals that can react with body fluids and produce dangerous substances. These substances have the risk of seeping into the vagina and triggering various health problems, such as irritation, allergies, and even infection.

This is different from organic sanitary napkins which are made from natural and safe ingredients. These pads are not only comfortable to use, but also help maintain the health of your feminine area. Come on, start switching to organic sanitary napkins and feel the benefits!


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