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Berikut Penyebab Vagina Menjadi Hitam dan Cara Mengatasinya

Causes of the Vagina Turning Dark and Solutions

Many factors can reduce a woman's self-confidence, one of which is discoloration of the intimate area. Of course, changes in skin color in the vaginal area do not occur instantly, but gradually and you may not realize it. Therefore, it is important to understand the causes of vaginal discoloration and find the right solution so that the intimate area remains healthy and does not experience discoloration that makes you uncomfortable. Let's learn more about the causal factors and how to treat vaginal discoloration to keep it healthy and natural.

Causes of Darkened Vagina

Several factors that can cause this color change involve various conditions and daily habits. Following are some reasons that may cause discoloration of the female genital area:

1. Shaving Pubic Hair Too Often

Shaving pubic hair too often can cause the skin around the area to darken. The repeated shaving process can cause irritation and pull at the hair roots, affecting the blood vessels under the skin.

2. Frequent Friction

The main factor causing vulva discoloration is friction. Underwear that is too tight, an inappropriate size, and lack of air circulation can be triggers. Friction can also occur due to daily activities such as walking, exercising and sexual activities. Rubbing the vulva area too often can also cause skin discoloration.

3. Hormonal Fluctuations

During puberty, a woman's vagina can change shape, size and color as a result of hormonal fluctuations. The color of the vagina can vary from pink to dark brown due to normal hormonal changes.

4. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Excess androgen hormones in PCOS sufferers can affect insulin levels and ultimately affect skin color, including the vulva. This condition can be referred to asAcanthosis Nigricans. PCOS can also affect the texture and smell of the vagina.

5. Vulvar Cancer Indications

Although rare, vaginal discoloration can be a sign of vulvar cancer. This cancer can be recognized by lumps or spots that resemble moles and are dark brown or black in color. Apart from discoloration, other symptoms include itching, burning sensation, and pain.

6. Irritation Due to Underwear

Apart from tight clothing, irritation can also be caused by certain clothing materials. Sensitive skin may react to certain types of fabric. Make sure to choose ingredients that suit your skin type and avoid harsh detergents.

7. Vaginal Infection

Infections, such as those caused by fungi Candida Albicans, can cause discoloration of the vaginal lips. This fungal infection can also cause itching, pain and thick, cheese-like vaginal discharge.

Tips for Dealing with a Dark Vagina

The process of skin hyperpigmentation in the intimate area, which is caused by hormonal fluctuations and aging, is difficult to avoid. However, there are steps you can take to reduce the chance of significant discoloration.

Here are some tips to prevent hyperpigmentation in the vaginal area:

  • Avoid wearing pants and underwear that are too tight.
  • Keep the skin around the vagina moist.
  • Consider the risk of folliculitis and inflammation before undertaking hair removal procedures, such as waxing or shaving pubic hair.
  • Choose underwear that can absorb sweat.

No need to worry if you see color changes in the vaginal area that are different from other parts of the body. To understand the cause for sure, you should consult a doctor. If there are symptoms such as itching or infection around the area, immediately consult a doctor to get appropriate treatment.


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