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Berhubungan Menggunakan Kondom Tapi Masih Bisa Hamil?

Can You Still Get Pregnant After Using a Condom?

Condoms are a popular contraceptive used by couples who are not ready to have children and want to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. Although effective, the use of condoms cannot guarantee up to 100% prevention of pregnancy. There are several factors that can affect the effectiveness of condoms in preventing pregnancy. To find out complete information about this, please refer to the following article.

Why do you use condoms and you can still get pregnant?

If you use the wrong condom, the risk of pregnancy can increase. This is because sperm can enter the uterus and fertilize an egg. Therefore, it is important for you and your partner to understand mistakes in using condoms to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

  • Condom is Broken
    Condoms that break before use are extremely rare, as the manufacturer checks the condition of the condom with an electronic scan. However, improper storage, such as in places that are too hot or under pressure, can thin and damage the condom.

    And in some other cases, opening the condom package using scissors can also damage the condition of the condom. Don't use faded, worn, or non-stick condoms. This can prevent the wrong use of condoms which can potentially cause pregnancy.

  • Doubling Condoms
    Using two condoms at the same time is not more effective in preventing pregnancy. Misuse of condoms like this actually increases the potential for pregnancy because it can cause the condom to become brittle and break easily. If the condom tears, its effectiveness as a contraceptive will decrease. Therefore, it is important to use condoms correctly and only one condom at each sexual activity to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

  • Using a Used Condom
    Sometimes we don't always have a supply of condoms when we need them, especially if spontaneous intercourse occurs. However, reusing the same condom twice is a mistake that can potentially get you pregnant. In addition, condoms that have been used repeatedly can make them stretchy and prone to tearing and are no longer guaranteed to be clean, thereby increasing the risk of contracting venereal diseases. So, avoid these mistakes if you want to prevent pregnancy or infection.

  • Too Fast to Remove Condom
    When having sex with a condom, the sensation you feel can be different from when you don't use it, so you may feel less comfortable. This condition can trigger the desire to remove the condom too quickly and the risk of making a mistake in using a condom can result in an unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, make sure to use condoms correctly and thoroughly when having sex.

  • Incorrect Condom Size
    Choosing the right condom size is very important to prevent errors in its use. Condoms that are too large can fall off easily, while condoms that are too small can tear easily and be uncomfortable to use. In addition to reducing comfort, mistakes in using condoms can reduce their effectiveness in preventing pregnancy. Make sure to choose a condom that fits your penis size to avoid this mistake.

Using Condoms Properly Can Prevent Pregnancy

To ensure comfort and safety during intercourse, there are several ways to pay attention to using condoms. Here are some tips for using condoms correctly:

  1. Choose condoms made of latex to effectively prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.
  2. Pay attention to the packaging and expiration date of the condom before use. Do not use condoms whose packaging is damaged or expired.
  3. Use a condom during sexual intercourse, including anal and oral sex. Put it on before starting and take it off after ejaculation.
  4. In order to avoid damage, it is important to be careful when opening the condom package. Fingernails or jewelry can easily damage the condom.
  5. Make sure to choose a condom that fits the size of the penis and when installing, leave a little space at the end of the condom so that sperm can come out during ejaculation.
  6. Remove the condom properly after having sex and ejaculation has occurred. Remove the penis before the erection wears off to prevent the condom from leaking into your partner's vagina.
  7. If you are going to have sex again afterwards, wash your hands first and use a new condom.
  8. To prevent condoms from breaking quickly, it is recommended to store them in a dry, cool place and protected from direct sunlight.

Using condoms correctly can increase the ability of condoms to prevent pregnancy, so you can enjoy intercourse more calmly and without worry. Make sure you understand how to use the right condom to increase its effectiveness.


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