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Berbicara Tentang Menstruasi

How to Talk About Menstruation

Talking about a number of things related to menstruation with the people around you is really needed, especially for those who really do not understand menstruation is. For women who are menstruating for the first time, they may be a little confused by all things related to menstruation. For example, choosing the right pads, the menstrual phase, and the symptoms that often occur during menstruation. 

For this reason, discussing it with the people closest to you will really help us understand a number of things about menstruation. 

The Importance of Discussing Menstruation 

Every woman who reaches the age of her teens will experience menstruation. Menstruation itself is a phase where blood comes out of the lining of the uterine wall due to an unfertilized egg. During the menstrual phase, there will be many changes, both in hormones and in a woman's body. For those who have just experienced this, there will be a little confusion. 

At that time, it is highly recommended to discuss with those closest to you, such as parents, friends or relatives. Because during menstruation, there are many things that we need to take care of and pay attention to. Such as nutrition during menstruation, myths about menstruation, to the symptoms that occur before and during menstruation. 

Talking about menstruation with other people will often make us a little uncomfortable. For that, start a light conversation, and tell the condition of your body during menstruation. 

You can start discussing tools used during menstruation, such as pads or tampons. After that, you can discuss the symptoms that occur in menstruating people, what changes occur in the body during menstruation, and how to maintain cleanliness during menstruation. 

There are many people in your everyday environment, such as parents, siblings, schoolmates, and co-workers. 

Talking Menstruation With Parents 

When you find yourself having your period for the first time, the first thing you need to do is not to panic. If you find it difficult to overcome it, try asking the closest people who are around you.

You can ask your mother for help. Of course, mothers have also experienced menstruation as you are experiencing right now. She will also be familiar with all things menstruation. Apart from that, you can also ask other household members, such as your father, or a brother (who is not menstruating) to go buy tampons or pads. 

However, there are some obstacles when we ask for help from parents. We will feel awkward if we talk about taboo things like menstruation. So, to overcome this, there are several things you can do, as follows: 

  • If you don't feel comfortable talking to your parents in person, you can talk by letter, message, or email. 
  • Ask light things, like "what do you usually do in this condition?", and others. 

Talking Menstruation With Friends 

Apart from your parents, you can also discuss menstruation with your friends. Unlike when discussing menstruation with your parents, you may be more comfortable discussing menstruation with friends. That is because the age gap between you and your friends is not far. Apart from that, you can also use casual language when talking to your friends. That way, discussions can be carried out easily. 

You can share your experiences with your friends who may have had their periods earlier. You can also ask for advice or recommendations for tools needed during menstruation, such as brands of pads or tampons, what foods can be consumed by people who are menstruating, and others. 

For women who are experiencing menstruation for the first time, they certainly do not have adequate preparation to welcome their first month. Apart from feeling panicked and confused, they also feel embarrassed if menstrual blood penetrates their clothes. 

There are several ways to deal with this when you are somewhere, as follows: School 

The first phase of menstruation usually occurs when you are in school. Yes, because at that time, you have started entering your teens. Puberty is a common period experienced by teenage girls and is marked by menstruation. 

During menstruation, we may not be aware of the signs. So, sometimes we do not have preparations to welcome it, such as bringing pads or tampons, bringing a

change of clothes, and so on. Of course this makes us panic. Not to mention the stereotypes from male friends about menstruation. 

To overcome this, you can explain simply to your male friends at school. And you can ask a female friend to help buy menstrual tools such as pads or tampons. 


In contrast to the school environment, the work environment will be a little less challenging. Because in a work environment, you do not need to explain details about menstruation. Yes, because everyone in the work environment is an average adult, and of course they have experienced menstruation. 

Usually, it's normal to borrow tampons or pads from co-workers. And chances are, they have the same menstrual period. 

Basically menstruation is a common thing that happens to every woman. Indeed, there are many stereotypes that have sprung up about menstruation. Discussing menstruation with the people around you will help provide a positive understanding of this phase. So, do not have any negative views about this phase. 


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