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Obesitas pada wanita

Danger of Obesity on Women's Health

Overweight or in medical terms commonly called obesity is a condition in which the body has excess fat. There are negative effects and dangers of obesity which can cause various diseases that can take a person's life. In general, obesity is triggered by two factors, namely consuming too much food intake and not doing physical activity.

In addition, people's increasing dependence on energy-dense foods and ready-to-eat foods that contain carbohydrates, sugar or fat can increase the risk of obesity. You need to know that women have to be careful because they are at high risk of experiencing obesity. Why does it happen? This is the trigger.

Why Are Women Vulnerable to Obesity?

According to research published in Current Obesity Reports, women are more at risk of obesity than men. There are at least 2 factors why this is prone to occur in women, including:

  • Hormones
  • One of the things that triggers obesity in women is hormonal factors. The hormonal difference between men and women contributes to the development of obesity. Women's bodies store more fat than men. Meanwhile, men have more muscles because they produce more testosterone than women.

    Because they have a lot of muscle mass, men automatically need a lot of calories. Therefore, when a man eats a lot of calories, his muscles will absorb them and not accumulate so that obesity does not quickly occur. However, that doesn't mean that all women will certainly be obese! Of course this depends on the diet and activity of each.

  • Lifestyle
  • The risk of obesity in women can also increase due to lifestyle, including diet and physical activity. Foods that are high in calories, contain lots of fat, sugar, and lack of fiber are often triggers for obese women. If you eat too much, the calories from food accumulate in the body. If you don't do enough physical activity, you burn calories so it's not commensurate with the number of calories you eat.

    Danger of Obesity for Women's Health

    Among the dangers of obesity in women will actually have a negative impact on their health. Some of the diseases to watch out for are as follows:

  • Irregular Menstruation
  • Irregular menstrual transitions as a mean transition due to weight gain. Obesity is often associated with an increased risk of ongoing menstrual irregularities. That's because there is excessive fat that disturbs the balance of hormones in the body. Generally, this situation is experienced by many teenagers because of the routine of eating fast food.

  • Cyst
  • Ovarian cysts can occur due to an unhealthy eating routine. The creation of small cysts on the ovaries can lead to irregular menstrual cycles, even more chronic ones, which can lead to infertility in some cases.

  • Infertility 
  • Obesity in women can cause infertility and have the potential to suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome which results in infertility. This is due to hormonal imbalance causing infertility or infertility in women.

  • Skin Problems
  • Factors that can cause skin problems in obese patients are hormonal changes in the body, causing blackening of the neck or other body folds. In addition, stretching the skin can cause stretch marks. Wet body folds can encourage the emergence of bacteria and fungi, causing skin rashes and various other infections.

  • Influence During Birth 
  • Obese pregnant women have a high risk of developing gestational diabetes. And the impact of pregnant women who have diabetes will make the baby's body weight bigger compared to other normal babies so that the chances of being born by Cesarean section. Besides that, the baby will be at high risk of developing jaundice and the role of the heart can be affected.

  • Gynecological Cancer
  • The risk of developing uterine cancer will increase as a result because some of the female fat cells produce the hormone estrogen. The more fat, the more estrogen in the body. Besides that, the endometrial reaction to estrogen will make the thickening increase which can spur uterine cancer.

    So there is nothing wrong with taking care of your body so you are not too overweight. Therefore, from now on, to maintain your close friend's weight so that you stay healthy by exercising regularly and implementing a healthy eating plan. By having a good body weight, healthy close friends can reduce the risk of disease and can lead a quality optimal life

    This is How to Prevent Obesity in Women

    One of the efficient ways to prevent obesity in women is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Anything? Come on, see the following reviews.

  • Healthy Diet
  • In order not to be overweight, you are advised to reduce eating fatty foods. However, the fat that is meant is bad fat, the same in fried or ready-to-serve foods.

  • Exercise Regularly
  • Physical activity or regular exercise is important for maintaining or losing weight, making the body healthy overall, and free from the risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Manage Stress Well
  • In addition to the several methods above, there is also something you need to do to prevent obesity from happening to you, namely by managing stress properly. This is why? You need to know that stress that can't be managed properly can have a lot of bad effects on the body and mind.

    A study that has been published in Current Obesity Reports shows that stress can cause a brain response that changes eating patterns, so that this causes a person to want to eat foods that have high calorie content. And in the end, consuming too many high-calorie foods can cause obesity.

    After you have listened to some of the information above, it's time from now on you should be able to control the amount of food consumed and balance it with regular physical activity every day.


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