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Apakah Wajar Jika Haid Datang Dua Kali Sebulan? Berikut Penjelasannya

Period Comes Twice a Month? Here’s the Explanation

Many women are used to having a menstrual cycle once a month. But, what if you experience it twice? Is that normal? Come on, see the complete explanation in the article below.

Experiencing Menstruation 2 Times in a Month, What is Normal?

The menstrual cycle usually occurs once every month and lasts 4-7 days, with a normal time range of 21-35 days. However, what if the menstrual cycle does not follow these normal limits? Don't worry, if this only happens once, it's probably not a problem.

A number of women experience menstrual cycles that are shorter than usual or less than 28 days. However, attention needs to be paid if this condition recurs 2-3 times in several consecutive months. Apart from that, it is also important to ensure that the fluid released is menstrual blood, not just ordinary spots.

Distinguishing between menstrual blood and spotting is quite simple. Menstrual blood generally has a bright red, dark red, or even brown color, and comes out in sufficient quantities to require the use of sanitary napkins. Meanwhile, spots are usually just bright red, dark or brown spots, and only last for one or two days.

Therefore, it is important to be able to differentiate and assess whether this situation occurs frequently or only once as a first step in assessment.

Causes of Menstruation Come Twice In A Month

Menstruating twice a month might make you wonder, is there something wrong with your body? Don't worry, in some cases, this is normal. Following are several factors that can influence the menstrual cycle.

1. Body Weight Fluctuations

Drastic weight changes, whether up or down, can disrupt hormonal balance and affect the menstrual cycle. Avoid extreme diets and consult a nutritionist to achieve your ideal body weight in a healthy way.

2. Excessive Stress

Chronic stress can affect various body functions, including the menstrual cycle. Stress hormones can disrupt the balance of reproductive hormones, causing irregular periods, including twice a month.

3. Effect of Certain Drugs

Several types of medications, such as NSAIDs, antidepressants, thyroid hormone medications, steroids, and blood thinners, can affect the duration and frequency of menstruation. Consult your doctor about the side effects of the medication you are taking.

4. Blood Coagulation Disorders

Blood clotting disorders, such as Von Willebrand disease, prothrombin deficiency, and ITP, can cause longer and more irregular menstrual bleeding, including menstruation twice a month.

5. Puberty

In teenagers who have just entered the puberty phase, the menstrual cycle is still unstable and can occur twice a month. This is normal and over time, the menstrual cycle will become more regular.

6. Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg implants outside the uterus, usually in the fallopian tube. This condition can cause bleeding and menstruation twice a month. Immediately consult a doctor if you experience these symptoms.

Menstruating twice a month can be normal, but pay attention if it is accompanied by other symptoms. Consultation with a doctor helps determine the cause and get the right treatment.


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