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Apakah Pembalut Dapat Menyebabkan Kanker?

Can You Get Cancer From Your Menstrual Pads?

Along with the development of technology, there are pads that can help protect women during menstruation. We can imagine what it would be like if there were no pads. 

As we know that during menstruation there are many changes that occur in a woman's body, starting from pain, changes in mood, causing discomfort during menstruation. Not to mention when women have quite busy activities, such as work, school, and other activities. 

Although there are other tools such as tampons and menstrual cups, it feels like pads are more often used by women during menstruation. This is because pads are easier and more comfortable to use than other menstrual tools. 

Due to regular use every month, we need to know about the safety of using these pads. If we look on the internet, there are lots of articles that write about the dangers contained in pads. There are several articles that state that the use of sanitary pads that are not safe can cause cancer. 

Then is it true if the use of pads can cause cancer? 

Sanitary Pads Can Cause Cancer? 

Currently there are many assumptions that pads can cause cancer. Of course, there are still not many studies that can prove this assumption. 

According to the experts themselves, pads are safe to use, but there is a study that reports the incidence of genital cancer caused by the use of pads containing absorbent agents, such as dioxins and super absorbent polymers. 

As reported by the India Times, the use of pads containing dioxins can increase the risk of cancer. Dioxin itself is a carcinogen, where this carcinogen can encourage the formation of cancer-causing cells. 

Usually pads contain dioxins to increase absorption and make pads pure white. Dioxin itself can also suppress the body's immunity, which makes a woman's body more susceptible to infection. In addition, dioxins can also affect the production of reproductive hormones, such as estrogen (sex hormone). 

Prevention To Reduce The Risk Of Cancer When Using Sanitary Pads 

As previously explained, sanitary napkins contain dioxins and increase the risk of cancer in women. This is certainly worrying for women. Because, every month they need pads to protect the body during menstruation.

But, you don't need to worry, you can do the following things to reduce the risk of cancer when using pads: 

  • Choose organic pads without harsh chemicals 
  • Change pads or panty liners regularly between 3 to 4 hours 
  • Always use underwear that is clean and not tight 
  • Try to keep the vagina moist during the menstrual period. This is to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections 
  • Try not to use public toilets 
  • If the pads are clean and reusable, don't forget to clean them properly before using them. 

Before deciding to buy pads, first identify the brand of the pads. You can also find out the content contained in the pads. By choosing the right and safe pads, you can protect your body from the risk of dangerous diseases. 

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