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Apakah Memangku Laptop Menyebabkan Penurunan Kesuburan?

Does Putting Laptops on Your Lap Cause Decreased Fertility?

Many factors can hinder a married couple from achieving pregnancy, and one of them is difficulty in dealing with infertility problems, which can be influenced by the quality of the husband's sperm. Apart from genetic problems and unhealthy lifestyles, some habits can also have a negative impact on sperm quality and male fertility. One example is the habit of holding a laptop for long periods of time. Even though it feels comfortable for the user, this position, without realizing it, can affect fertility conditions, especially in men.

Even though it may seem trivial, it is important to treat this matter seriously. For further information, see the complete discussion in the following article.

Is Putting Laptop on Laps Dangerous for Fertility?

For men who often do this habit, you need to be careful. It turns out that using a laptop in your lap can potentially affect your reproductive health, especially if you are planning a pregnancy.

According to research published in the journal Human Reproduction in 2005, the heat produced by laptops can increase the temperature of a man's scrotum to the point of inactivity of sperm. This phenomenon is known as scrotal hyperthermia.

The heat effect of a laptop can cause an increase in temperature in the testicles, which in turn can affect sperm production and indirectly impact fertility.

Not only does it apply to men, using a laptop on your lap for a long period of time can also affect women's fertility. Prolonged use of a laptop can affect the release of the egg, which can cause difficulties in the pregnancy process.

Healthy Tips for Using a Laptop

Here are some tips so that laptop users can work without experiencing health problems.

  • Avoid placing the laptop in front of bright light sources. Because light reflections from laptop monitors and windows can cause eye fatigue and increase the risk of cataracts.
  • Make sure the laptop is at eye level. If this is difficult, place a flat object on your lap, such as a chair cushion or thick book, to reduce tension on your neck muscles and bones.
  • Use a mouse connected to the laptop. This aims to move the cursor well, especially if using the touchpad is difficult.
  • Adjust the height of the laptop mouse and keyboard at elbow crease. By trying this method, the aim is to avoid tension in the wrist and upper arm muscles.
  • If accessing documents at the same time as a laptop, attach the clamp handle. When other documents are parallel to the monitor screen, this will make it easier to maintain your viewing angle and minimize neck movement.
  • Set aside 5 minutes every hour.Of course iThis means a lot to you, and you can use it to rest and stretch so that the body does not tense up.
  • When carrying a laptop, consider the total weight. Including power supply and other equipment, so as not to exceed 3.5 kg to avoid injury to the shoulder muscles. If necessary, use a wheeled carrier and avoid carrying the laptop on your lap.

That is the explanation of the risks of putting laptops on laps on fertility and health for men and women. You and your partner are advised to avoid these habits so that the pregnancy program you are undertaking can achieve the best results.

If you have complaints regarding the condition of your reproductive organs, you should immediately consult a doctor.


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