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Apakah Berbahaya Jika Sperma Masuk ke Dalam Kandungan?

Is it Dangerous if Sperm Enters the Uterus?

Sexual intercourse and what a husband and wife do to get offspring is a fun and healthy activity. However, when the wife is pregnant, sexual relations may not be as enjoyable as before. This is because the husband or wife is so doubtful that side effects will affect the health of the baby in the womb.

In fact, there is no reason to change sexual activity or partners during pregnancy unless your doctor advises you otherwise. Sexual intercourse, or orgasm, during pregnancy also does not harm the baby. However, many couples are worried if ejaculation occurs inside so that sperm enters the uterus. So, is this dangerous? Here's the review!

Healthy Sexual Relations During Pregnancy, Is It Safe?

Once again, intercourse during pregnancy is safe. What's more, many women experience an increased sex drive during pregnancy, especially in the second trimester after the surge in hormones has subsided. Intimate intercourse in the third trimester can help open the birth canal.

In fact, ejaculation in the vagina according to experts is classified as safe. According toCleveland Clinic, when the husband ejaculates in the vagina, this does not affect the baby. The reason, the fetus is protected by the membranes and amniotic fluid. Sperm that enter the uterus is also not dangerous for the fetus, unless the husband has a sexually transmitted infection or AIDS.

However, for women who are pregnant young or have weak pregnancy conditions, sexual intercourse should be done with caution. The reason is, spilling sperm in large quantities into the vagina triggers contractions. Sperm contain prostaglandins which trigger a contraction reaction in the uterus and stomach cramps. As a result, young pregnant women can experience miscarriage and even premature birth later.

However, if the mother's pregnancy is healthy and the doctor allows it, then there is nothing to worry about from sexual relations during pregnancy.

Tips for Sexual Relations During Pregnancy

So, if the fact is that sperm comes out inside when the wife is pregnant it is safe, you also need to be careful, because sometimes there are fetal condition that needs attention. So, it is still advisable to consult a doctor.So that sexual activity during pregnancy remains safe, consider the following tips.

1. Do not have intercourse during the first trimester of pregnancy

During the first trimester, the condition of the fetus is still very fragile. At this time it is not recommended to engage in sexual activity. Because the fetus and placenta are still in the early stages of development.

However, if you really want to have sexual intercourse, you should do it very carefully, as well as choosing a safe position. A fetus that is still only 1-3 months old, is indeed in the early development stage. So it is at risk if exposed to strong shocks.

2. Make sure there is no history of bleeding

It is important to know each other's medical history, so that unwanted things don't happen. If the mother has a history of bleeding, it is advisable to first consult a specialist.

If you don't know if there is a history of bleeding or not, then don’t perform sexual intercourse when the condition of the fetus is still weak, it is also very dangerous. In addition, the physical condition of the mother also determines whether the history of bleeding will recur or not when having sexual intercourse. Make sure all health conditions are known by each partner.

3. Do the recommended intercourse position

There are several recommended intimate relationship positions based on the trimester of pregnancy. If you have entered the second trimester, try the woman on top position, because this position is considered the most comfortable for pregnant women. Because the mother will be easier to control the depth of penetration.

Then during the third trimester, when the fetus has started to grow, it is recommended to use the Spooning position. This position is comfortable for pregnant women, because there is no pressure on a woman's stomach. However, everything must still be communicated so that pregnant women remain comfortable.

4. Should have sex no more than 3 times a week

Too frequent sexual activity during pregnancy is not recommended. If it's too often, it can trigger urinary tract infections (UTIs) in pregnant women. As a result, if not treated quickly, it will affect pregnancy.

Doctors recommend, every time you have intercourse, mothers are advised to clean the vagina both before and after. Then don't forget to empty your bladder after sexual activity is over. This can prevent UTIs from occurring.

5. Mother does not have placenta previa

Placenta previa is a condition when the baby's placenta or placenta is at the bottom of the uterus, thus covering part or all of the birth canal. In addition to covering the birth canal,previous placenta can also cause heavy bleeding, both before and during labor. So, it is not recommended for mothers who experience this condition to engage in sexual activity. Or, mothers and husbands can consult a specialist first.

6. Mother has no history of premature delivery

For pregnant women who have a history of giving birth to premature babies, it is best to consult a specialist. Because this condition is quite risky in any activity that will be carried out by the mother.

Consult a doctor, in order to see what factors caused the previous mother to give birth to a premature baby. Because many factors can be the cause, one of which is sexual intercourse that is not careful, causing premature birth.

Apart from doing safe sexual activity during pregnancy, it turns out that this activity can also nourish the mother's body, you know. Counting "exercise", having sex can also help burn calories in the body of pregnant women.

So, mothers can still maintain an ideal body and also stay fit. Apart from that, having sex can improve blood circulation, help you sleep better, reduce pain (provided it's done right), and of course make you feel happier.

After knowing this information, is your curiosity answered? It turns out that it's still safe to have sex, even sperm comes out inside during pregnancy. Especially with the various benefits that can be felt and the efficacy of the sperm itself.


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