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Amankah Meminum Obat atau Jamu Ketika Menstruasi?

Is it Safe to Take Medicine or Herbs During Menstruation?

Sometimes, menstrual pain can be so bothersome that it causes fainting. This situation might make some of you think about trying to overcome this discomfort through medicine or herbs. However, it is important to consider the safety of the move. So, is it really safe to take drugs or herbal medicine when you are menstruating? Check out the following explanation.

Side Effects of Taking Medication or Herbal Medicine During Menstruation

Apparently, NSAID class drugs have the potential to cause certain side effects, as has been proven by research results. In this study, it was revealed that around 2 to 3 out of every 100 women experience symptoms of flatulence, nausea, headaches, and drowsiness after taking these drugs during their menstrual period.

However, don't worry. The use of pain relievers during menstruation is still considered safe, as long as they are used according to the recommended dosage. Even so, keep in mind that taking pain relievers in excessive amounts or for a long time can potentially trigger serious digestive problems. Symptoms such as difficulty swallowing, constipation, diarrhea, stomach problems, and other complaints can arise as a result of this condition.

Apart from the choice of medicine, choosing to consume herbal medicine during menstruation is also still permissible, as long as it is done properly. There are many types of herbal medicine made from natural ingredients such as manjakani, turmeric, betel leaf, ‘kacip Fatimah,’ ‘rapet’ wood, and others. Consuming this herbal medicine during menstruation can provide various benefits, such as improving the health of intimate organs, tightening vaginal muscles, and even increasing libido for better sexual performance.

Actually, the natural ingredients in herbal medicine are considered relatively safe for health, as long as they are consumed in the right proportions. However, if you have a history of allergies, it is better to consult a doctor before consuming ‘jamu.’ Some herbal ingredients in ‘jamu’ can cause digestive irritation, menstrual cycle irregularities, increased stomach acid, or even the risk of allergies.

So, before deciding to drink herbal medicine during menstruation, make sure you know the ingredients in the herbal medicine and make sure that there are no ingredients that trigger allergies. The goal, of course, is to maintain health during menstruation in an optimal way.

Tips to Relieve Menstrual Pain Naturally

For those of you who tend to avoid drugs or herbs, don't worry. There are alternative ways that can help relieve your menstrual pain effectively. Here are some simple steps you can try:

1. Warm Water Compress

Overcoming menstrual pain can be started by applying a warm compress to the stomach. Just apply a warm compress for 15-20 minutes periodically. The warm compress will relax the muscles and reduce the contractions that cause pain.

2. Gentle Massage

Stomach cramps during menstruation are common. However, you can relieve it with a gentle massage using essential oils such as cinnamon, clove, or lavender. This massage can be accompanied by a warm compress for a more pleasant effect. Some essential oils also have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to relieve discomfort. In addition, essential oils also help calm the mind and reduce stress during menstruation.

3. Relaxation of Mind and Body

Relaxation techniques are another effective way. Try yoga, Pilates, meditation or light exercise. This technique will help you feel more comfortable and distract you from the pain.

4. Warm Water Soak

Soaking the body in warm water is another way to relieve pain. The warm water will relax your muscles and relieve stress. You can add essential oils scented with lemon, orange, rose, or lavender for a more indulgent experience.

Remember that choosing drugs or herbs is also not the wrong choice during menstruation. However, keep consuming it wisely according to the recommended dosage. By following some of the natural steps above, you can feel comfortable during your period in a way that is environmentally friendly and body friendly.



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“Exploring the benefits of herbal sex medicine has been an enlightening journey for me. It’s refreshing to see a growing interest in natural remedies that focus on overall well-being. As someone keen on holistic health, I appreciate the emphasis on herbal ingredients known for their traditional aphrodisiac properties. This aligns with the idea that nature provides solutions for various aspects of our health. I look forward to discovering more about herbal sex medicine and its potential in promoting a balanced and natural approach to intimate well-being. Kudos to the insightful content and discussions on this topic!”
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