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9 Amalan Wanita Haid di bulan Ramadhan

9 Possible Practices for Menstruating Women in the month of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a special moment for Muslims to increase their worship. However, for women who are menstruating, carrying out obligatory acts of worship such as fasting and prayer becomes hampered.Even so, don't be discouraged. The reason is, there are still many sunnah practices that menstruating women can do in the month of Ramadan.

Come on, take a look at some of the practices that menstruating women can do in the following month of Ramadan!

9 Possible Ramadan Practices for Menstruating Women

Even though you are menstruating, it doesn't mean that your enthusiasm for worship in the month of Ramadan has to fade. There are many practices that women can do to fill this holy month, including:

1. Feed Those Who are Fasting

One of the special practices in the month of Ramadan is entertaining people who break their fast. This generosity not only fills a hungry stomach, but also brings abundant rewards.

In fact, for Muslim women who are menstruating, there is no need to worry about losing the opportunity to achieve this reward. Entertaining iftar can still be done and the rewards are no less special.

Imagine, the reward you get is the same as someone who fasts all day long, without reducing their reward in the slightest.

2. Increase Prayer

Zikr is an easy practice and can be done anywhere, anytime. There are many types of dhikr that can be read, such as tasbih, tahmid, takbir, and hauqalah.

For menstruating or postpartum women, dhikr and prayer are special practices. At this time, we cannot perform prayers and fasting. However, that doesn't mean we can't worship at all.

3. Invite Others to Do Good

Being a good Muslim is not only about yourself, but also about spreading kindness to others. Imagine, by inviting others to do good, the reward we get is not only from our own charity, but also the reward of the people we invite.

For example, imagine when we invite friends to pray together at the mosque, or remind neighbors to read the Koran. These small acts of kindness, which may seem simple, actually have an extraordinary impact.

​​4. Ease the Work of the Fasting

Even though you are menstruating and cannot fast, it doesn't mean you can't get rewards in the month of Ramadan. One of the practices you can do is help lighten the work of people who are fasting.

For example, you can help your mother cook or clean the house. Or, you can help a neighbor who is busy preparing dishes for breaking the fast. By helping other people, you not only make them happy, but also get rewards from Allah SWT.Remember, that every good thing you do, no matter how small, will be rewarded by Allah SWT.

5. Turn Activities into Worship

The activities we do, both physically and mentally, can become deeds worth worshiping if they are based on positive intentions. In this blessed month of Ramadan, let us take advantage of every moment to improve the quality of our worship by intending every activity we do as a form of devotion to Allah SWT.

6. Start Activities with Prayer

Even though you are in the postpartum or menstrual period, you can still gain rewards in the month of Ramadan. One way is to open every activity with prayer.

An authentic hadith states that all actions that begin with reciting Basmallah will always bring uninterrupted rewards.Starting the day with prayer in the month of Ramadan not only brings rewards, but also brings calm and seeks smoothness in carrying out activities.

7. Trust in Allah SWT

Putting trust does not mean surrendering without effort, but rather freeing the heart from dependence on other than Allah. Mother still tries as hard as possible, but her heart remains calm because she believes that Allah SWT is the one who determines everything.

8. Increase Istighfar

Increasing istighfar in this holy month is a recommended practice, even for those of you who are menstruating.

Istighfar is not only asking for forgiveness, but also a reminder to always strive to be a better servant. By sincerely asking for forgiveness and repenting, you can welcome the days of Ramadan with a clean heart and full of peace.

9. Increase Knowledge

For women who are menstruating, the month of Ramadan does not prevent them from continuing to strengthen themselves with knowledge. This blessed moment can be used to seek useful knowledge, either by attending a knowledge assembly.

Many texts emphasize the priority of seeking knowledge. In the month of Ramadan, this opportunity is increasingly wide open with many science assemblies being held

Even though you can't fast, you can still get rewards in the month of Ramadan by doing the various practices above.


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