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7 Myths & Facts About Menstruation You Need to Know

In society, there are many myths about menstruation. Unfortunately, the more women who believe these myths, the greater the negative impact. Therefore, it is very important to always check the truth of every myth that is circulating. Don't get caught up in the wrong understanding. So that you understand more about the facts and myths about menstruation, read the following article!

Myths and Facts About Menstruation

Here are some myths and facts about menstruation that you need to understand well. Among them are:

1. Washing Hair During Menstruation

The first myth about menstruation is that women are prohibited from washing their hair during menstruation because it can clog blood vessels and is dangerous for health. However, in fact, there are no studies that prove that washing during menstruation is harmful to health. Precisely washing your hair with warm water can relax the body's muscles and relieve headaches that are often experienced by some women during menstruation.

2. Swimming During Menstruation

The next myth is the prohibition against swimming for women who are menstruating because it is feared that menstrual blood will contaminate the pool water. However, the fact is, women can still swim safely and comfortably without having to contaminate pool water during menstruation. You can use tampons and menstrual cups when you are going to swim.

3. Exercising During Menstruation

The prohibition of exercise during menstruation is also a myth that is commonly heard by women. This turned out to be just a myth. In fact, light exercise can relieve abdominal pain or cramps that women usually experience during menstruation. It's a good idea to vary your light exercises, such as yoga, Pilates, and leisurely walks at home.

4. Drinking Cold Water During Menstruation

The next myth about menstruation is the prohibition against drinking cold water because it can cause menstrual blood to clot or the menstrual cycle to become irregular. In fact, there is no link between drinking cold water and menstrual cycles or menstrual blood. Drinking water, both cold and hot, is actually really needed to avoid dehydration during menstruation and can relieve headaches that generally appear during menstruation.

5. Consuming Cucumber Makes Menstruation Longer

This myth is not true. In fact, a person's menstrual cycle is influenced by changes in levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone, not because of the influence of food. Cucumber actually contains a lot of water that the body needs to avoid dehydration during menstruation.

6. Soda Drinks Can Trigger Menstruation

This myth has yet to be proven true. You should avoid consuming soft drinks during your period, because they contain excessive sugar and caffeine, which can affect your mood and cause digestive problems during your period.

7. Having Sex During Menstruation

This myth is not entirely true. Having sex during menstruation can actually relieve cramps in the stomach because orgasm can make the uterine muscles contract and release. In addition, menstrual blood can also be used as a natural lubricant to make it easier to have intercourse.

It's important to understand the myths and facts about menstruation well so you don't fall into the trap of misinformation. If you are still unsure, consult your doctor for further explanation.


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