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7 Ciri-Ciri dan Penyebab Kondom Bocor

7 Characteristics and Causes of Leaky Condoms

In general, condoms are made from elastic materials such as latex, polyurethane, or polyisoprene to facilitate movement during penetration. Even though it is generally considered safe, there is a risk of condoms leaking which you still need to be aware of. Some of the causes of leaking condoms can vary, but the biggest possibility is damage due to mistakes when wearing them.

Therefore, to ensure sexual activities remain safe and prevent unwanted pregnancies, it is very important to check the condom and ensure there is no damage before use. For further information about the causes of leaking condoms, please read the article below.

RecognizeCharacteristics of Leaky Condoms

Many people don't realize that the condoms they use can leak during sex. However, the signs of a leaking condom are actually easy to recognize. One common indication is:

  • There are gaps or holes in the condom after use. Some cases of condom leakage can be caused by production errors at the factory. However, this incident is quite rare because condom manufacturers usually carry out a series of leak tests before their products are sold.
  • Feeling of sperm seepage after ejaculating outside the condom. This is usually only realized after having sex or after completing the activity. This can certainly have an impact on the risk of pregnancy, which should actually be avoided by using a condom during sex.

Causes of Condom Leaks

Apart from intentional damage, condoms can leak due to incorrect use. Sometimes, the tear is so small that it is not visible to the naked eye. Some common causes of condom leaks include:

1. Opening the Condom Packaging Incorrectly

Condoms can leak if you open them in a hurry or use your teeth. Also avoid using nails or scissors when opening the packaging. Take advantage of the moment of opening the condom as part of intimacy with your partner.

2. Default Factory Damage

Leaking condoms can occur due to factory production defects, although this is very rare. Before production, each condom passes quality testing. Condom packaging is also designed to maintain safety during the distribution process.

3. Inappropriate Condom Size

Using a condom that is not the right size for your penis can cause microscopic tears without you realizing it. Choose a condom that fits your penis size to avoid this risk.

4. Condoms Without Enough Lubricant

Lubricants help reduce friction during sexual intercourse. Using a condom without enough lubricant can increase the risk of condom leakage.

5. Improper Lubricant Selection

Using oil-based lubricants such as coconut oil, Vaseline, or lotion can damage condoms which are generally made from latex or polyisoprene.

6. Unsafe Condom Storage

Condoms can change if they are stored in places with drastic temperatures or humidity, or exposed to direct sunlight. Storing condoms in your wallet can also cause damage.

7. Use of Expired Condoms

The expiration date on the packaging has a reason. Condoms that have passed their time limit can become ineffective because the condom material becomes susceptible to tearing, and the lubricant begins to dry out, reducing the effectiveness of condom use.

When the condom used leaks, this can often cause worry and panic for you and your partner. To avoid this situation, it is important to know some common causes of condom leaks. By knowing these factors, you can take preventive steps and ensure the selection of appropriate condoms and their correct use.


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