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6 Pertanyaan Umum Mengenai Haid di Bulan Ramadhan

6 Common Questions Regarding Menstruation in the Month of Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is a month full of blessings and worship. However, what about Muslim women who are menstruating? Many questions arise regarding this matter. Come on, take a look at 6 common questions about menstruation in the month of Ramadan and the answers in this article.

General Questions Regarding Menstruation in the Month of Ramadan

The following are general questions that are often discussed regarding women who menstruate in the month of Ramadan.

1. If a Woman Menstruates Before Breaking the Fast, is the Fast Invalid?

Many women wonder, what if menstruation comes before the time to break the fast? Is the fast broken? The answer is yes, the fast is broken. This is because one of the conditions for valid fasting is to keep menstruation and postpartum clean throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset.

So, even if it is only a few minutes before breaking the fast, if a woman finds herself menstruating or postpartum, then her fast is broken.This also happens if menstruation or postpartum bleeding comes in the middle of fasting, either at the beginning or at the end of the day. If she continues to fast, her fast is invalid.

This opinion is based on the agreement of the ulama, as said by Ibn Taymiyah Rahimullah, "Menstrual blood and postpartum bleeding invalidate the fast based on the agreement of the ulama."

Therefore, it is important for women to know the signs of menstruation and postpartum so they can determine whether their fast is valid or not.

2. Can Menstruating Women who are Menstruating Get Lailatul Qadar?

Yes, menstruating women can still get the benefits of the night of Lailatul Qadar. This was explained by Adh-Dhahak, a famous cleric, who said that anyone whose deeds are accepted by Allah SWT, then he will get a share of that night.

3. What If You Stop Menstruating by Ashar, Do You Have to Replace the Dhuhr Prayer?

If a woman stops menstruating by Ashar time, then she can perform the Ashar prayer without having to perform the Dhuhur prayer. This is the same if she stops menstruating at Isha' time, then she can perform the Isha' prayer without performing the Dhuhur prayer.

4. Is it Acceptable to Delay Menstruation through Medication?

According to Ibnu Qudamah, a well-known cleric, women are allowed to take menstrual delaying drugs in order to fast, as long as the drugs are safe and do not have negative effects.

However, Shaykh Abu Malik, author of the book Sahih Fiqh As-Sunnah, reminds that menstruation is a decree of Allah SWT for women. In the time of the Prophet SAW, women never tried to prevent menstruation to fast for a whole month.

Therefore, the use of menstrual delay drugs is not recommended. If women still want to use it and there are no negative effects, then that's okay. If the drug is successful in stopping menstruation, then the woman is punished like a holy woman, namely she can fast and does not need to make up for prayers.

5. How to Make Up for Fasting Canceled Due to Menstruation?

Fasts that are broken due to menstruation must be replaced on another day outside the month of Ramadan. There is no specific time limit for changing the fast, but it is recommended to change it immediately after it is holy.

6. How to Pay Fidyah if you Can't Make Up for Fasting?

Fidyah must be paid if a person cannot replace the Ramadan fast due to permanent age (obstacle), such as an old illness that does not heal. Fidyah consists of feeding the poor for every day of fasting that is not replaced.

By understanding the provisions and increasing other forms of worship, Muslim women who are menstruating can still get rewards in the month of Ramadan. Hope it is useful.


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