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6 Jenis Medical Check Up yang Disarankan untuk Wanita

6 Types of Medical Check Ups Recommended for Women

Comprehensive health check or what is known as medical check up, has the main goal of ensuring overall health conditions and detecting potential health problems early, which can develop into serious problems later in life. Especially for women, this examination provides significant benefits in detecting potential risks such as cancer.

So, what medical check-ups for women are important to do? Check out the full explanation below.

The Right Type of Medical Check Up for Women

For women, undergoing a thorough health examination is an important step, because women have a higher risk of several types of diseases. The following are several types of medical check ups that are recommended:

1. Breast Health Check

Breast cancer is a serious threat to women. Therefore, every woman is advised to undergo a breast examination to detect abnormalities or diseases that could affect breast health in the future. For women aged 20 to 39 years, it is recommended to have a breast examination once every three years. Meanwhile, women over 40 years should undergo this examination every year.

2. TORCH check

The TORCH examination, which is generally known among pregnant women, is carried out to identify TORCH infections in pregnant women or prospective pregnant women in order to prevent complications in the fetus. TORCH is an abbreviation for toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalovirus, and herpes simplex virus. TORCH infection can cause the birth of a baby with defects or even death. This examination should be carried out before pregnancy or in the early trimester, ideally around 6 months before pregnancy.

3. HPV vaccine

After undergoing a pap smear, women are advised to receive the HPV vaccine as a preventive measure for cervical cancer. This vaccine is given mainly to teenagers who have never had sex to prevent the potential for this disease.

4. Pap Smear

Cervical cancer is another serious threat to women. Pap smears can be done as a preventive measure, especially for women who are sexually active and should be done every year. This examination process involves taking a sample of cervical mucus by a doctor to examine under a microscope. Even though it is not painful, it is important for women not to skip this examination to maintain their health and prevent cervical cancer.

5. Sexually Transmitted Disease Examination

This examination is generally carried out on women who are sexually active, especially those at high risk. The goal is to detect sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, syphilis, and so on. Involving partners in examinations can help prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.

6. Thyroid Examination

Thyroid disorders in women can result in excess or deficiency of thyroid hormone, which can affect the health of pregnant women and fetal development, especially if the disorder occurs in the first trimester. Therefore, thyroid examination is needed to prevent or detect thyroid disorders in pregnant women in the context of women's health examinations.

So, those are the six types of medical check-ups recommended for women. However, both men and women should pay attention to the potential risk of disease by implementing preventive measures. Therefore, there is no need to hesitate to undergo regular health checks, at least once a year, to ensure that health problems can be identified early.


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