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5 Effective Ways to Get Pregnant with a Boy

Ways to increase your chances of having a boy may be an interesting topic for married couples. Although the chances of having a boy and a girl should be equal, most parents certainly feel the same affection for both.

For families who hope to have a boy, trying certain methods can be an attractive option. Pregnancy programs for boys can be different from pregnancy programs for girls. Starting from sexual relations patterns to lifestyle changes, there are steps that can be taken in undergoing this pregnancy program.

It should be noted that boys originate from sperm carrying the Y chromosome produced by the man during fertilization. If sperm with a Y chromosome successfully fertilizes an egg, the result will be a boy. There are several methods that married couples can try so that sperm carrying the Y chromosome can reach the uterus quickly and meet the egg. How to? The following is the explanation.

Tips to Increases Chances of Pregnancy with a Boy

If prospective parents want a boy, there are several strategies they can take to increase their chances. Although there is no definite scientific evidence, the following steps can provide support in efforts to conceive a boy:

1. Planned Eating Patterns

Consider paying attention to your diet while trying to get pregnant. A 2008 study involving 740 women showed a correlation between increasing calorie intake and conceiving a boy. While this doesn't mean you have to overeat, it is important to maintain healthy eating habits by consuming whole foods, fruits, vegetables and low-sugar snacks. Women pregnant with boys in the study also had higher intakes of potassium, which can be found in bananas, sweet potatoes and white beans.

2. Timing of Intimate Relationships

The Shettles Method suggests increasing your chances of conceiving a boy by having intercourse as soon as possible after ovulation, ideally within 12 hours of it. This theory is based on the assumption that sperm carrying male chromosomes are more vulnerable, so they have a smaller chance of surviving for a long time in the mother's body.

3. Right Sex Position

Some theories, including the Shettles method, suggest that sexual positions can affect the chances of conceiving a boy. The basic idea is that Y-chromosome sperm swim faster than X-chromosome sperm. Therefore, choosing a sex position that allows deeper penetration can help a boy's sperm reach the ovum more quickly.

4. Using Loose Underwear

In line with the belief that male-chromosomed sperm is more vulnerable, some theories suggest that men should wear loose-fitting underwear, such as boxer styles, to improve overall comfort and sperm count.

5. Wife Orgasms First

Orgasm in women is said to increase the chances of conceiving a boy. The reason is that orgasm produces vaginal fluids that are alkaline, support the survival of Y-chromosome sperm, and facilitate the movement of sperm towards the cervix.

Those are the five ways that can help you and your partner if you are undergoing a program to conceive a boy, of course under the supervision of a competent doctor. Hopefully this information is useful for your pregnancy journey.


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