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5 Jenis Test Pack dan Cara Menggunakannya

5 Types of Test Packs and How to Use Them

The test pack is indeed a practical tool for detecting pregnancy. Behind its practicality, did you know that the test pack has an accuracy rate of up to 99% if used correctly?

However, for accurate test pack results, you need to choose the right type and use it in the right way. This article will thoroughly examine tips regarding test packs, starting from the types to how to use them. Read more!

Types of Test Packs to Confirm Pregnancy

Want to know if you are pregnant? Now, you can check it yourself at home easily using a test pack. Various types of test packs are available at pharmacies, each with its uniqueness and convenience.

1. Strip Type Test Pack

This test pack is thin and long. How to use it: dip the test pack into the urine container for a few seconds, then wait for the results to appear on the indicator line. Usually, test pack strips are equipped with a small container to collect urine.

2. Pregnancy Cassette Test

Similar to the strip type, the pregnancy cassette test requires a drop of urine on the test tool. Usually, pipettes and small containers are provided to collect and drip urine.

3. Midstream Type Test Pack

The midstream test pack is more practical because it does not require a urine container. Simply flow urine directly into the end of the test pack when urinating. The results will appear in the indicator window. This midstream type is more hygienic than the strip and cassette test types.

4. Gender Reveal Test Pack

Not only pregnancy, the gender reveal test pack is also able to predict the gender of the baby. This tool uses a urine sample and shows the results with a color change.

5. Serum Rapid Test Pack

Claimed to be the most accurate test pack currently, the serum rapid test pack is shaped like a COVID-19 rapid test tool. How to use it: drop the serum or urine sample into the indicator column on the tool. The results will appear in the results column.

How to Use a Test Pack Correctly and Accurately

The test pack is a tool to easily determine pregnancy at home. But, did you know that the correct way to use it can affect the accuracy of the results? Come on, take a look at the following tips so that there's no doubt about your test pack results.

1. Check the Condition of the Test Pack 

First, check the expiration date and instructions for use. Make sure the test pack you choose is still in good condition and has not passed its expiration date. Carefully read the instructions for use listed on the packaging so you don't take the wrong steps.

2. Use it at the Right Time

Second, pay attention to the right time to use the test pack. The best time to do the test is after your menstruation is at least 3 days late. The HCG hormone which indicates pregnancy is generally only detected in the urine after 6-10 days of fertilization. If you do the test too quickly, the results could be false negative even though you are pregnant.

Those are the five types of test packs and how to use them. If the test pack results are positive, immediately visit a gynecologist for further examination and confirmation of pregnancy. The doctor will perform an ultrasound examination and blood tests to confirm pregnancy and monitor fetal development.


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