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5 Fakta Seputar Essential Oil yang Perlu Diketahui

5 Facts About Essential Oils You Need to Know

Essential oils are plant extracts that are said to have the ability to provide a calming effect and reduce various health problems, including headaches, stomach disorders, fungal infections and insect attacks. Some experts say that this essential oil can provide positive health benefits, including releasing negative energy.

Facts About Essential Oils

Below is some important information about essential oils that may be useful for you.

1. Relaxing Effect

Aromatherapy oils such as lavender, jasmine, or eucalyptus can help relax your mind. According to experts, these three types of essential oils have calming properties, and you can use them in your bedroom or work space to reduce anxiety. Several studies also support claims that this oil can reduce anxiety, relieve pain, and improve memory abilities. In fact, essential oils can be effective in helping to overcome stress and nausea.

2. Careful Usage

Although essential oils can be rubbed on the skin or sprayed indoors, some people choose to consume them. However, according to experts, essential oils are very thick and have a high level of toxicity if not used properly. Therefore, the best use of essential oils is through external application. Some essential oil distributors may recommend consumption, without adequate understanding in this area. This can cause a burning sensation or irritation in the throat according to experts.

3. Lavender and Peppermint Are Popular Choices

Lavender and peppermint essential oils are very popular and often used in various products. For example, they are used in air fresheners, perfumes, beauty products, and soap. Lavender can enhance skin care products such as lotions or scrubs, as well as providing a calming effect on the mind. On the other hand, peppermint creates a cooling sensation on the skin and is often used in massage therapy. Like lavender, peppermint essential oil can also provide a feeling of freshness and reduce stress.

4. No Side Effects

Although essential oils have many benefits, improper use can have potentially dangerous consequences. According to aromatherapy experts, both herbal medicines and essential oils need to be treated with care. Not all essential oil manufacturers carry out quality testing on their oils.

5. Not for All Ages

The risks of using aromatherapy vary for each individual, depending on age, method of use, personal health history, medications consumed, and the natural chemistry in a person's body. Experts recommend not using essential oils on babies and toddlers because they are not yet fully able to process oils and eliminate toxins. What about children who are already in elementary school? Even though they are larger, use of such products should still be done with caution, especially in children with respiratory problems, as excessive use can cause damage to the liver.

Do you know the facts about essential oils above? If so, it would be good if you shared this information with the people closest to you to improve their understanding of its use.


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