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5 Cara Efektif Memperbanyak Sperma yang Harus Diketahui

5 Effective Ways to Increase Sperm

Sperm health and quality play a crucial role in determining male fertility. This cannot be denied, because sperm plays a very important role in influencing the perfection of the pregnancy process. Not just the amount, the quality of sperm also plays a big role in maintaining male fertility. Therefore, it's no wonder that many men are trying to find ways to increase sperm production.

Normally, when a man ejaculates, the number of sperm produced should reach 15 million per millimeter of semen. If the sperm count turns out to be less than that number, it's a good idea to consult a doctor to get the right guidelines and solutions.

How to Increase Sperm Count

Don't worry if your sperm count is low, because there are several ways you can increase it. Here are some simple ways to increase sperm easily:

  • Take Sperm Quality Enhancer Supplements

Consider taking supplements that contain amino acids such as folic acid, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin C, and coenzyme Q10. This supplement can increase testosterone levels, the male sex hormone which plays an important role in sperm production. Apart from that, there are also herbal supplements such as fenugreek, fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum), and rujak polo (Tribulus terrestris) that can help.

  • Consume of Vegetables and Fruits

Keep the intake of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Consuming these foods will ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs to increase sperm count and mobility. Fruits such as oranges, strawberries and grapes, as well as vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and carrots contain high antioxidants which are beneficial for fertility.

Also make sure you eat foods rich in folate, such as lemons, mandarin oranges, and various types of green vegetables. Folate intake is very important to support healthy sperm production.

  • Keep Testicular Temperature

Avoid exposure to excessive heat radiation in the testicular area, because high temperatures can affect sperm production. Avoid wearing tight pants all the time, frequent use of the sauna, or cycling for excessive duration and distance. Choose clothing made from comfortable cotton and fibers to maintain optimal testicular temperature.

Not only that, avoid the habit of placing the laptop on your thighs, because the heat from the laptop can affect the temperature of the testicles and have an impact on your fertility.

  • Exercise Regularly

Exercising regularly is another effective way to improve sperm quality. Exercise is not only beneficial for overall body health, but also helps maintain an ideal body weight. This is important because being overweight or obese can reduce sperm quality.

  • Hydrate Properly

Make sure your body is well hydrated by consuming enough water. Adequate body fluids play an important role in increasing sperm count. Strive to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day or about 2 liters to ensure that the body remains well hydrated.

Good Sperm Quality Criteria

One of the characteristics of quality sperm cells is the number of sperm that is under normal conditions. However, not only that, several other aspects are also important indicators to determine good sperm quality. Here are some characteristics of good quality sperm:

1. Sperm Count

The average normal number of sperm contained in each milliliter of semen during ejaculation ranges from 15-20 million. If this number does not reach normal levels or even decreases drastically, then the chance for the couple to get pregnant will decrease because the number of sperm that can move towards the egg is also limited.

2. Sperm Movement

The speed and direction of sperm movement also affects the overall sperm quality. Quality and healthy sperm are sperm that have the ability to move quickly and towards the egg to fertilize properly.

3. Shape of Sperm

Healthy sperm structure usually has an oval head and is equipped with a long tail. This tail length plays an important role in helping the sperm move smoothly toward the egg. Sperm with a normal shape like this will be easier to move and reach the egg efficiently.

Don't hesitate to consult a doctor if until now there are no signs of pregnancy after waiting a long time.


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