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5 Alternatif Darurat Pengganti Pembalut Ketika Haid

5 Emergency Alternatives to Replacing Sanitary Pads During Menstruation

Have you ever experienced menstruation that came sooner than expected? This can certainly cause panic, especially if you don't have enough sanitary napkins. Don't worry, there are several easy and safe ways to deal with menstruation without sanitary napkins. Come on, take a look at the following tips so that your menstruation remains safely under control.

How to Deal with Menstruation if you Don't Have Sanitary Napkins

You must panic when your period comes suddenly and forget to bring sanitary napkins, right? Relax, there are many practical solutions around you that can help. Here are some ways to deal with menstruation if you forget to bring sanitary napkins.

1. Tissue or Toilet Paper

Toilet paper or tissue is the easiest option to reach when you need an alternative to sanitary napkins. In addition, its absorption capacity is quite good, making it a temporary solution in emergencies, especially on the first day of menstruation. To use, stack a layer of tissue or toilet paper inside your underwear. The thicker the layer, the better the absorbency, helping to prevent unwanted leaks.

2. Extra Underwear

Preparing extra underwear in your bag is a wise decision to deal with unexpected situations during menstruation. Using extra underwear instead of a pad may not be the ideal solution, but by stacking two layers of underwear, you can reduce the risk of leaks. It is important to change underwear regularly and wash them thoroughly to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

3. Diapers

Diapers are usually used by babies or the elderly. You can use this type of diaper until you find menstrual pads. Diapers can be used as emergency sanitary napkins if you can't find regular sanitary napkins.

4. Use a Washcloth or Clean Cloth

When dealing with PMS and without sanitary napkins, a clean washcloth or rag can be a lifesaver. While not as effective as bandages, they can be a temporary solution to unwanted leaks.

5. Cover with a Jacket

If menstrual blood has seeped into your underwear and clothes, try to cover it with a jacket and immediately look for an alternative solution. Apart from keeping the body warm, jackets can also be used to cover leaks in underwear during menstruation. This can be done by tying the jacket around the waist. Even though a jacket cannot replace the function of sanitary napkins, it can be a way to deal with leaks more discreetly, as if it were part of your clothing style.

Therefore, it is important for you to know various ways to deal with menstruation without sanitary napkins. By knowing these alternatives, you can still feel comfortable and not panic when your period comes unexpectedly.


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