What is #NonaTries?

By Nona Woman

There are so many menstrual products available these days, from pads and tampons to menstrual cups and period panties. Which one is best for you? Nona puts them all to the test!

Nona will be reviewing dozens of period product types and brands in a series called #NonaTries. The products will be tested by the Nona team. To read more about how we review the products, keep reading below! 

Disclosure: All products were purchased by the Nona team at full price. We do not accept free products or commissions in order to keep our reviews honest and unbiased for you. Honesty is the best policy! 


How do we rate the products?

Our rating system is based on a score out of 5.0 points and is based on our "blood absorbency" test and our personal experience wearing them.

The 5-point scoring is based on the following categories: 

  1. Absorbency - Volume capacity, dryness, anti-leakage
  2. Comfort - Feels good, stays in place
  3. Design - Shape, size, packaging
  4. Accessibility - Price, ease of purchase, availability
  5. Impact - Environmental and social responsibility

For all the blood absorbency tests, we pour 4 teaspoons (~20 ml) of our "blood" solution, and then blot the pads twice to see how dry they are after absorbing the liquid. We chose 4 teaspoons (~20 ml) as our standard blood amount because women lose approximately 6-8 teaspoons (35-50 ml) of blood over their entire cycle (or as much as 16 teaspoons or 80 ml, for heavy bleeders). Yup - it feels like a lot more than the reality, doesn't it?! 

Check out the #NonaTries series to see more of our product reviews.

Are there any other products you want us to test? Let us know in the comments or drop us a message over at the Contact Us page!

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