What's in a name?

Origins of Nona

Pronunciation: Now-Nuh

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Nine

Definition: Roman goddess of pregnancy, called on by pregnant women in their ninth month before childbirth

Synonyms: Miss (Indonesian); empowered, graceful, ambitious girl boss; cares for others by caring for her own body & mind first

Celebrate Your Cycle

Menstruation Matters

Your menstrual cycle is the window to your overall health. Stay conscious of your cycle, hormones and feminine products you use.

Listen to your body and remember period-care is self-care.

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Combating Period Poverty

Giving Back

Nona advocates for nationwide menstrual dignity through education and access to menstrual hygiene products. With each purchase, Nona will distribute safe period products to underprivileged nonas of Indonesia.

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Having dealt with my own (long & frustrating) hormone balancing journey, I wish I knew earlier that I wasn't alone. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2013 and, after the trial and error rounds of pills, realized that the only way to control the condition was the holistic way. No hormones. No medications. No b***s****. This experience taught me to put my physical and mental health first.

My passion towards has made me want to raise awareness about women’s health in Indonesia, where period talk is still a social taboo.

Monica and I are excited to break the stigma and start a conversation. I hope you can be a part of our journey.

Nicole Jizhar co-founder

It’s no secret that I am a bit of a health freak. But I have always ignored one particular area - my reproductive health. Not anymore.

I was on birth control for the last 5 years, which was prescribed as part of my acne treatment. I stuck with the pill because I found it convenient. My periods were magically regular, painful cramps disappeared and my skin was clear. I stopped the pill. Why? I gained awareness. It was only masking the issues I faced before.

As I maneuver this frantic world of hormones, naturally, I would love to share my learnings and hope that you can help me too.

This is only the beginning. We have much bigger things planned.

Monica Pranatajaya co-founder

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