Get to know your cycle
& make your period
work for you


your monthly cycle & phase lengths


your next period & fertility window


conceive naturally or prevent conception


your exercise, diet & productivity based on your four phases

Log your

symptoms, cravings

and sleep patterns

Female hormones operate on a 28-day cycle, but society has adapted to the male 24-hour hormone cycle. This drains you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Learn to make your cycle work for you, not against you.

Sync your cycle to your

body’s needs

Make smart decisions based on your cycle.

Schedule your social engagements, rest, diet, and work meetings based on your needs.

Health insights at

your fingertips

Easily access a summary of your menstrual cycles at your next doctor's appointment.

Share your wins, struggles and period care routine

Bond over shared experiences. Celebrate your individuality!


resources from

world-class experts

Gain in-depth knowledge and techniques to manage your cycle. Identify the underlying causes of your period pain, hormone imbalances and stress.

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