3 Ways to Track Your Period

By Leilani H


Cycle length β‰ Β Period length

There are TONS of benefits of tracking your menstrual cycle. It can give you amazing insight to what your body needs. It doesn't take long and there are many ways you can track your period. Use whichever method you prefer!

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1. Pen and Paper βœοΈπŸ—’οΈ

So you old-school! That's OK, tracking your period on paper has been a tried and true method for centuries.

It's a simple and no frills method. In addition to recording a word that describes how you feel that day, you may also benefit from journaling on the side for self-care.


2. Spreadsheet πŸ“‹πŸ’»

Like the above, try to record a word that describes how you feel that day. Pay attention to monthly trends!

Do you always feel sad or energetic around the same time each month? Your body is trying to tell you something!

You may also use your fancy Excel formulas to calculate your average cycle length and period length.


3. Mobile App πŸ“±

Use mobile apps such as Clue, Kindara, Flo and Natural Cycles to track your menstrual cycle and symptoms.

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